Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hot Town in the Old Time Tonight

77° in here at almost midnight. 71 outside. The computer equipment heats up the room some, but I blame my Indian neighbors on all sides & above who keep their thermostats at 80.

Last night I got some actual sleep. Yay. Morning Hgl 280 Boo.

Had a chat with my diabetes doctor yesterday who re-set my expectations on the new insulin. This morning's reading kinda debunked that.

Work was another day of boring, still trying to replicate an issue which I am willing to bet real cash dollars was caused by slow network routing at the customer site.

Pre-lunch Hgl was 108, so Yay.

Lunch at China Stix, I love their beef chow fun. One of the Hispanic buspersons was being given a chance at waiting tables, he asked if I wanted the beef well done. No sir, we're not talking beef tacos here. Dessert at B&R at the other end of the driveway. The whole shopping center is being outfitted with a new facade,
huge amounts of noise and dust. A ginormous pile of gravel where half of the Albertson's parking lot used to be, which is where the new French Store will go up.

Batcave Starbucks after work, much eye candy. While I was there, saw a flyer for free voice lessons by two of the local men's chorus people, a group class Tuesday nights for 6 weeks starting next week. I signed up online. They are from Barbershop, which means a capella, something I have not done much of so I may actually learn something.

Safeway for major shopping after that. Deals on Boston Market frozen dinners, Klondike bars, Breyers lactose-free ice cream and large-ish limes. And for once the bananas on sale were just the right shade of green to not go to mush before next Friday. Fig newtons were on a buy 5, save $5 deal, so I figured why not, those things last for months. They have become my moderately healthy snack of choice lately.

Home, it took three trips to unload the car because I'd also bought a 20-pack of diet coke. Cans this time.

On Facebook some of my friends said to turn on the Giants' game NOW so I did. Just in time to see Hunter Pence cost the pitcher a perfect game by missing a catchable line drive to the outfield. He may have been playing too far back, but he definitely started for the ball too late. Next batter struck out, so a shutout 1-hitter, which is nothing to sneeze at. Yosmerio Petit was the pitcher. Who? This was only his 3rd time pitching for SF.

I think I have decided not to buy the Acronis backup software. $75 for the single user version, but the UI sucks. Things I like about it:
- Faster than others I have tried
- Easy to set up the kind of incremental backup I prefer
- It can backup a RAID 5 array
Things I don't like about it:
- It doesn't show Windows-connected network drives as drive letters. After a LONG time searching it shows the names the drive manufacturer gave the drives.
- There is no progress bar
- Creating a backup schedule is non-intuitive
- Checking the backup schedules is non-intuitive
- Their sales engineer has phoned me 4 times. This cost them more than what the software sells for. When I told him the problem with the network drive letters, he had no answer and did not offer to have someone contact me about it.

Time to see if Seagate will send me the software which came with the drives (which I nuked because at the time I thought it was pretty cheap of them to only install a trial version on a $600 drive)

Also today, laundered the whites, folded and put them away. Kaan tried to help but he never got the hang of how to pull a sock through the gaps in the basket.

Plans for tomorrow:
Apartment office - they have a package for me. Probably the Ancestry.com DNA test kit. I don't really expect anything to come of it, but would be very pleased if it matched me with any of my dad's ancestors. I would not be surprised to find that half or more of my mother's side of the family has submitted DNA. If I remember correctly, she had 26 aunts and uncles.

And not sure what I'll do after that. They expect it to be hot, sunny and smoggy. Maybe the Mountain View Art & Wine thing. Photo op. I can take light rail from the park & ride.

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