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A Moving Experience

While I was in Oregon, my company moved. The original plan was for people to come in on Saturday and set up their stuff, but this morning when I arrived nobody had done this. The only person with a working computer was our 6 am support guy, who set his up when he got in this morning.

They changed my subnet on me without updating the DNS for my two servers. So I slammed the IP addresses onto the network, and since these machine are never turned off, anyone who wants those addresses will be SOL. Over the weekend the IT guys were supposed to set up the servers, but I don't see any video streams playing, so I don't think they finished. They did manage to set up the one piece-o-crap printer in my area, so I can print out my expense report.

The new building's layout is bizarre. We occupy what is clearly space set up for two companies. With all the lead time we had, you would think they would have knocked down a couple of walls and made it into one space, but noooooo.

Good news is I was all set up by noon, which is when the internet connection went down, so I took off a little early for lunch and my doctor's appointment.

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