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What Day Is It?

Warmday. Today was warm, almost hot. Saturday was Hotday.

Up early, at work early after checking from home via VPN that there was no reason to come in early. I just was ahead of schedule, and when I got to work I found out why. I had forgotten to pack a banana and string cheese in my cooler. I did have two small bottles of diet Coke, a small tub of natural peanut butter, cut up celery stalks, fig newtons, a few slices of turkey bologna and some slices of American cheese, so all was not lost.

At work all I really needed to do was poke the machines we have been testing all last week, and tell the boss a couple of times "we already did that, it made no difference".  My partner in crime was given a hardware challenge, which meant I had to pause my monitoring program until that was done (it would say rude things if it could not find her machines).

Lunch started with a trip to Petco where four $5 rewards coupons got me a free case of Fancy Feast, a large package of cat chewie treats and for another $5 I added a pouch of litterbox deodorizer.

Then next door to Pizza Hut, which wins this year's Most Unmotivated Employees award. They were having their lunch when I walked in. All three of them. One sauntered over to take my order and then went back to lunch. My pizza was done long after her lunch was, she brought it out to me and then disappeared. None of the three were in sight or answered to calls when a customer came in.  I happened to be ready to get the leftovers boxed up, so I yelled, and she eventually came out. Other customer was disappointed that she did that for me without seeming to even see that he was standing there. He left when she turned her back to shove 5 large pieces of pizza into a personal sized box.

Back to work, more of same.

Home, checked the mail - nothing in the mailbox. Large-ish box from Amazon in front of my apartment door, it was a firebox for some of my Official Papers. Safe Deposit boxes are not offered by my credit union, and around here none of the banks have any available.

Planted myself in front of the TV with a glass of iced lime-ade, and watched the Redskins almost save face after having the crap beat out of them in the first 3 quarters by Michael Vick & Co. Also watched some of the Texas-San Diego game, and the bottom of the 9th of the SF Giants' game. It went into extra innings.

Put a few finishing touches on my web site's webcam page.

Ordered a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader calendar to make up for the Saints one I ordered, which is a true 2014 calendar and not one which starts with football season. I may also add a Texas Texans one or  Chargers one. Or not.

And I enrolled in the NFL fantasy football league, but have not chosen players because I have no idea how it is done, and there are no clues on the web site for newbies.

Kaan pooped in the bedroom again. So, no cats in the bedroom, even when I'm home. And I think I'll go back to the crystal litterboxes because the clumping ones are just not working out. Chalk it up to poor design of the poo receptacles and the section which is supposed to hold them in place. Probably not till Wednesday though. If Kaan is going to think outside the box regardless of which ones I use, I may as well used the ones which only need to be paid attention to once a week and don't actively distribute the smell of cat pee.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Company picnic, which I will go for the food, but if it's as hot as it has been this week I will bail right after that and be air conditioned at home.
Peninsulaires voice lessons
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