Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Yesterday, as the Beatles used to say

I only had three things on my to-do list, four if you count sleeping in. A major side effect of the new BP med is it puts me to sleep about 2 hours after I take it, which is twice a day - bedtime and wake-up time. I have been sleeping longer and deeper since starting on the stuff. But when I wake up, I sit up, swing around to put my feet into my sandals on the floor, and just sit there for a minute or two because it's very comfortable and anything else I have to do that day will not be.

Okay, five things. After getting dressed, Plan A was to dumpsterize the clumping litterboxes and the three half-used containers of litter, and the tall kitchen garbage can half full of used litter. But the first part of that was there needed to be room in the dumpster. So I walked out to the dumpsters, and all four of the ones nearby were piled about 3 feet higher that the top. It was like that Friday night too, but there seems to be no set schedule for the garbage trucks around here. So the computer/litterbox room stays cluttered.

Next to-do was find metallic silver non-flake nail gel. Noy polish or shellac, but gel which cures under a UV lamp. Michelle's only has flaky sparkly which is too loud for me. Punched Sally's Beauty Supply into the GPS and it sent me to a big shopping center which used to have one but no longer. Try Peninsula Beauty Supply and it sends me someplace close to work, again, no longer there. By now there was just enough time to get home, change shirts, drive to the gas station (I cannot believe gas has gone up 30¢ a gallon in a week!) and get to the boss' daughter's birthday party across the Bay.

It was a good party, maybe 20 kids, a bouncy house in the front yard, lots of Thai food in the livingroom and kitchen. I sat in the kitchen with some of the Thai wives and tried to understand their conversation, but they spoke quickly and there was a lot of background noise. They slowed down when they talked to me, though. Last time there were a couple of single women, but not this year, and no one volunteered to be a matchmaker.

Left just as the cake was being cut, I needed to be across the Bay and pick up Janice, who had been bugging me to take her to a show at Dragon Theatre in Redwood City. There was zero parking in the nearby lots, but we found something in the garage which the theater recommends, about 5 blocks away.

The show was And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little, which is billed as a show about three dysfunctional sisters. One drinks more than just a little, one is batshit crazy, one is OCD in socially acceptable ways. OCDgirl is the school superintendent, the alcoholic is an assistant in her office and crazygal teaches chemistry in that school system. Once again Dragon presents us with a series of 5-minute monologues from six of the seven cast members (#7 is the grocery delivery boy, he only has a couple of lines). There is some dialog where someone says a sentence or two and someone else answers in a word or a sentence or two, but not much. There is a lot of foul language which one would not expect from three highly educated educators.

Janice is a retired social worker, she identified a lot more with the play than I did. One thing we agreed on is the acting was superb.

On a technical note, the front door is set at the front of the stage. It is imaginary. The director made the mistake of having sound effects for the bell, opening the deadbolts, opening and closing the door. In a 3/4 round theater there is no good way to have a front door, so I would have bitten the bullet and done away with the door bits and just have people walk onto the stage.

It was a very short play, maybe 40 minutes per act, 2 acts. Some of that was because everyone spoke too quickly. But mostly it really is a 1-act play.


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