Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Round 2-it

This morning I noticed the dumpsters were empty as I drove to work.

Work started with running the script a couple of times.

Sizzler for lunch, just had the salad bar. A miracle has happened, thanks to way too much construction across the street (what had long been an empty square block now had three huge multi-story office buildings going up) they got rid of the meridian which prevented a left turn out of the Sizzler lot, and now it has a 2-way left turn lane. Convenient for me, but definitely an accident magnet. Speaking of which, I took a look at the other passenger side tire, and it is seriously scraped too. I thought about replacing two tires with Michelins, but even at Costco they are too expensive. They car has Goodyear tires, so I made an appointment at Goodyear to get that one replaced Saturday.

Back at work, tech support stole my machine, so I had nothing to do all afternoon. I punted, found some make-work.

I went online to buy paper packing tape for moving, but U-haul is 1/3 the price. I'll go there and get some book boxes and tape and start boxing things up. It won't be pretty, but I really need to make an early start. Slow & steady this time. My lease is up January 24. I may move out earlier if I find a nice place with a low enough price. Janice said I should buy a mobile home, but she doesn't understand that I have zero downpayment. She bought her condo 30 years ago with downpayment $$ from her folks, so it doesn't sink in.

Besides, I want to rent, not buy. I don't want to have to deal with taxes, maintenance and insurance. I want to be able to move to be close to work or shopping or whatever.

I thought about a Costco run, but the piles of food in the freezer were calling to be made into something better than a TV dinner, and the sun was still out and the dumpster was empty so I went straight home.

First run was putting the trash can with the cat clumps and some assorted unused litter onto a dolly and hauling it to the dumpster. Next trip was the clumping litterboxes and all their parts & accessories. Final run was the kitchen, livingroom and office garbage.

But I was still smelling cat poop when I got back to the apartment. Followed my nose and saw Kaan had crapped on the welcome mat, which is just inside the front door. It's fall colors, perfect camouflage for poop. It would have been easier to clean up if I had not stepped in it once. Luckily I keep a container of Clorox wipes handy. And Lysol spray. And no-go kitty repellent. And I am so glad I kept the bedroom door closed, because that's Kaan's Plan A.

Online, did some stuff. There was a lot of FB stuff to respond to. Checked on the eBay listing for the Toyota original radio/CD player, which ends at noon tomorrow. No bids. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Blood pressure check
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