Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fried Day

Was falling asleep after dinner, decided to just crash without journaling.

Got to work early because I'd had enough sleep to actually get out of bed when the alarm went off.  Actually, I stopped of at the CU on the way to work, but the ATM refused to accept the State Controller's tax refund check! I was going to share moon cakes with the staff, but it was Alleged Bagel Day, so maybe Monday instead. I say Alleged, because Noah's, which is where they have been getting them from, no longer makes bagels. They make dinner rolls shaped like bagels. They fall apart when they are schmeared. :-(  I make excellent bagels when I have a kitchen set up to do so, and the process is very different from what Noah's is doing. They haven't just left out the boiling, they have switched to a completely different batter formula. For people who have not been brought up on bagels, this stuff may actually seem better, but it's like my gripe about American Thai "salad". If you bill it as one thing and deliver something else, you have FAILed.

But moving on, the support person who stole my machine was in the lab as I walked through. I was hoping for an update, but didn't get one.

At 10 we had a boss' boss' team meeting, which was supposed to be 90 minutes. After 2 hours I was going into insulin shock, and bailed. The presentation at that point, by the automation guy from the other branch of boss' boss' product line,  was dead boring and completely useless to me. The whole meeting was a bore, sad to say. Usually the big boss has new and interesting things to share with us, but not this time.

Lunchtime, back to the CU, deposited the check with a human, and also asked about mortgage info 101, so she filled out an online form which told that group to call me in the afternoon.

Back at work, not much to do. I was saved by my favorite engineer dropping by to chat about a bug I had filed. Turns out I had left off a crucial step in the step-by-step "how to make the machine do rude things" section. And he also was interested in why I'd said this bug didn't happen in the previous release, so I dug up the test case and showed him how three different test engineers had run the test in the past with no failures. So now that info is in the bug doc too. One thing I love about him is he is a very traditional young Chinese man, and he always bows slightly when he leaves, because I'm Old®.

The rest of the day was spent looking for tests to automate, but without a machine I can't actually write the automation steps. Also looked at the corporate training site to see if there were any more classes worth taking, but got distracted by a series of self-improvement offerings which are done through a third party.

My weekly report was pretty short, and a little angry because I was still coming down from the low blood sugar episode.

Home, dinner was a sort of pastitsio - Greek pasta with egg filler. Boiled up some macaroni, chopped up a slice of ham, added thyme, garlic and pepper. Drained and poured into a deep ceramic soup bowl. Poured in 1/2 cup of egg beaters, topped with a couple of slices of Kraft American singles and two pieces of string cheese sliced into little dots. Microwave for 90 seconds for the cheese to melt and the egg to set up.

I wasn't too sure about the egg beaters. Use-by date is a month away, but it was already open (I don't remember doing that).

Started falling asleep, so after dinner I took my meds, and went to bed. Got to sleep at about 10. Woke up a few times during the night.

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