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Time for a haircut. Maybe tomorrow.

Almost didn't go to work this morning, I was up way too late, 'cause when I buy a DVD I am compelled to watch it, even though I've gotten a late start because of band practice.

Checked in via VPN, there was actually some email with something for me to do, so I got motivated and did the morning routine and got there at about 10:30. Email was from Automation Guy, when I talked to him about it, he said he had already fixed it, because it was his minions' fault. So nothing to do.

I found a few things, but also had time to watch the news, and found a link to a company which manages a dozen mobile home parks in the area, many of them 55+. That link had a link to another page which shows what's for sale, including prices, sizes, floorplans and snippets about the park, but there is  no mention of how much the lot rent is.

Reply from CU Loan arranger saying how to finish filling out the application, so when I got home I did that, printed it, signed it, scanned it and emailed it to him. Yesterday I sent more finance-related pdfs than I knew existed. Looking at my 2011 tax return reminded me that I was fired in February and didn't find another job till July. And I quit in September to take my current job.

Lunch was at Carl's Jr because it was close and I wasn't very hungry. Paid for it with a touch of Montezuma's.

Home for a while to let traffic subside, and to do the mortgage stuff. Next stop, 7-11 to pick up a CD from the amazon locker. The London original cast of Matilda, which I figured it was about time I listened to, because someone I was onstage with in 1986 is starring in the Broadway cast, and has been Facebooking about their recording the OBC album. Word is she came very close to being nominated for a Tony this year. Maybe next year.

Thence to New Wing Yuan Market for makings for Thai Yellow Curried Chicken drumsticks, which is what I'm making for the Sunday band potluck. But it was 8:05 and they closed at 8. Strange - what kind of supermarket doesn't stay open till 9? Time to punt. Of course I could wait till tomorrow, but Lucky's usually has a goodly selection of Asian food, so I went there. They had what I needed, but I pretty much bought two of everything in that section, it's now a very small section.  

Back home I had dinner while watching Restaurant Stake-out which you would think would be getting old, since it's very formula, but they manage to find a wide range of personality disorders, so that's something I can identify with.

Listening to the news, there's a pair of women who went to CA to get married, then moved back to Mississippi. One of them wants a divorce, and when the judge said in MS their marriage was not recognized, so they couldn't get a divorce, she sued. Idiotic. When I was a kid, the routine was people routinely went to Reno to get married or divorced, because the laws there were (and still are) liberal. Lenient. Loose. Pick a word. She claims that she needs the divorce to protect her financial standing (Social Security, etc.) but as long as she lives in MS she doesn't have that. She doesn't really need a divorce because where she lives she isn't married. But if she really wants one, there's always Boston or go back to SF. She's already spent more on lawyers, I bet, than it would cost to make the trip. The Supreme Court has already ruled that people living in states where their marriage is not recognized don't get Federal recognition.

While we're on politics, I listened to the UN speech by Iran's prez live the other day, and was completely blown away. One by one he blew off the things his fanatical predecessor ranted about, and talked like a reasonable person who wants peace and a return to normality. It's worth listening to:

In other news:
Probably the most important entertainment news of the month

Where was I? Oh yeah, relaxing at home, watching TV, Kaan jumped up on my lap and after about 30 different poses, settled in for the rest of the night in the crook of my left arm, with his face buried. By the time he got settled it was time for me to turn off the TV and write this. :-(

FB has finally added the ability to edit original posts, if you're using a browser. AFT, as they say in French.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to find the crock pot. Looked almost everywhere, can't remember where I put it. If I can't find it I'll make the chicken in the big flat-bottom wok. That probably will be better anyway.

Hopefully the maintenance guy will visit in the morning. The air conditioning vent is leaking, and apparently has been all summer, I just never looked up at the corners to see the blossoms of mold before. What clued me is when I moved the cats' dry food tower aside to clean up what looked like catpuke, it wasn't catpuke at all but a tiny Grand Canyon eroded into the carpet by slowly dripping water from above. Maybe a drop an hour, or less.

Maybe visit a mobile home park or two.
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