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Not-busy but full day

Stayed in bed till 9:30. Took my time Doing Stuff. At about 11:30 I remembered that I was going to uninstall/reinstall Norton's because it has been showing two taskbar icons, one with a green "good" indicator and another with a red "bad" indicator. Clicking on either of them showed all good.

I get Norton for free from Comcast, but I forgot that they have this craptastic deal where you have to install their "Constant Guard" software before you can download Norton's. CG databanks all and encrypts your passwords allegedly making it safer for you to use the nasty interwebs. I don't trust any online service with a list of my passwords, so I don't want CG.

The plan was to leave for the concert at noon, and if Comcast had offered Norton's direct, I would have been out of here 15 minutes before that. But I had to leave with CG still installed, shut down the machine, and finish later. Actually I had to remove CG and re-install it without the checked-by-default box which made Xfinicky my home page and search engine and adding a useless toolbar to all my browsers.

Got the two plastic containers of curried chicken and a couple of serving spoons out to the car, then came back for my horn. Got to my usual parking place on the street up the hill from the concert, brought the food & my horn down there, then went back for my music stand. When I put the food in the fridge, the nice lady in charge said it could be heated up at halftime, I said since it was in plastic containers it needed the microwave. I thought she was going to warm them up.

The concert went okay. My new mouthpiece is great for the high notes but not the low ones, and on the old horn the first valve doesn't stick, which is a plus. At halftime, Nora, one of our tuba players, led a show and tell for the kids where someone playing each instrument told a bit ab out its history and how it is played, and played a little tune. Starting with piccolo, going through flute, clarinet, three different flavors of sax, trumpet, French Horn, baritone, trombone, and finally tuba. And then the drummer handed the kids percussion instrument toys and led them in some random noise making fun.

After the concert, as I was nearing my car, a couple thanked me for the music and said they especially enjoyed the selection of music this time. It was very eclectic. Three musicals overtures, two American and one Spanish march, some ragtime, two or three American Standard vocal hits, and our usual patriotic medley. And Teddy Bear's Picnic, which was more of a challenge for me than it should have been, because I only had the first of the two pages.

Back to the community hall for the potluck, my stuff was still in the fridge. What nice lady had meant is I could come at halftime to start warming things up. They only have one microwave, it is small and under-powered, and after 10 minutes it had only warmed up the curry sauce, but I had to put it out there because almost everything else was out and people were already through the line. I shove the second container in, set it for 10 minutes, got some food for myself and then put out the second one.

Each container had about 8 drumsticks, and a LOT of Asian veggies. During clean-up, I poured the contents of the first one into the second one, there was only one drumstick left in there, but the second tub was full to the brim. To be continued...

Met Janice at Starbucks to catch up. She had been down in LA for an ALS walk, one of her best friends lost her husband to ALS last year. I updated her on my mobile home progress.

Home, changed out of my band uniform, put them in the hampers, put both my music stands and the newer baritone in the storage room. I think I'll have the old horn sent in for a tune-up. It's lighter and easier to play than the new one, but it has some compression leaks.

Prepared 5 freezer bags for the leftover chicken, but it turns out only 5 drumsticks were left, most of the container was curry sauce & veggies. That made two bags full, plus one of veggies only, and the rest I reheated in my real microwave and had for dinner. Yummy stuff!

Watched the Seahawks-Houston game on Tivo, and was disappointed at how poorly Seattle played in the 1st half, down 20-3. But they tied the game at the end of regulation, and both teams were sloppy during overtime, and just when it looked like Texas might score and win the game, the idiots at the network switched to the Oakland game, which was still 10 minutes from kickoff. Grrr.

I saw the final score on Facebook, Seattle won by a field goal. Would have liked to see that.

Plans for tomorrow:

Maybe the Loan Arranger will call, maybe not.


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