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I Should Be In Bed

And will be soon.

At 3:30 am I went low, Hgl of 71, self-medicated with mint chocolate chip ice cream while watching the first half of the last episode of Shark Tank. Those low sugar attacks really drain me. But I managed to stay awake at work, even was more talkative than usual at the team meeting.

Spent the day working on an automation script which started out dead simple but then I realized that if I was going to automate this test, I should do it from every possible angle, which is making it a very long script. Had to stop at 5, someone was playing with the network and all my ports disappeared.

Went for a haircut, then to Homeslobber Buffet, and while I was eating got a call from a manufactured home mfg rep, made an appointment to meet her and maybe even see a home or two, 6:30 pm Wednesday.

Called Kaiser hearing center, made an appointment for an evaluation and consult for 10/15. Was hoping for something sooner, but it's Kaiser. I already know what kind of hearing aid would help, but since they haven't tested me in more than 2 years, it needs a retest for their records.

Home, very tired, turned on the Church of Monday Night Football, and was please to see Drew Brees perform well. At first when I sat in the recliner I was feeling like I was not getting enough oxygen, but sitting up helped. Getting undressed and into bed half an hour helped more. Got dressed again, this time into a Denvention T-shirt, thinking of going to BASFA, but didn't feel up to it and just reclinered and footballed some more.  Eventually Kaan jumped up and splayed himself across the left arm of the chair, and soon fell into the area between my lap and the arm. He seemed to like it there so I left him till 7:45 when I got up, made dinner and returned with it.

Online, replied to mfg rep with the parks I'm interested in, her company has units made by them for sale in four of my 6 candidates.

Caught up on LJ and FB. johnnyeponymous declared that since they have shut down, he is the government, so I asked for and was granted the post of Secretary of Cheesecake.

Today I wore the replacement new style underpants, this time they are in my size. They have a horizontal fly. Much easier access to my junk, with zero chance of the painful scissors-like effect of the usual vertical fly. And generally more comfortable.

Plans for tomorrow:
Peninsulaires voice lessons
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