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No Humping Today

Though the nice lady at the manufactured homes office was definitely optical C6H12O6. More on that later

Work continued to continue. Togo's for lunch, turkey & swiss. Automation Guy asked me to come to Kaiser with him to keep him company while he picked up his new glasses. And then he stopped in for a flu shot, the line was very short. I went along because I wanted to pick is brain about the automation script issue, and he made a suggestion which seems to have fixed the problem.

The one test case I scripted turned out to also take care of 6 others, and I also finished a 7th and tomorrow will do an 8th. After that they get tough.

After work I drove over to the office of Alliance Manufactured Homes and met with Marilee, who had taken my email and found some homes for sale on three of the parks. She said land rental is about $1k, and expect it to go up $30/yr. Which reminds me, she also suggested I confirm that the CU will do a mortgage on a home on leased land. As opposed to parked under a bridge, I suppose. She ran the numbers on them, and we're talking $800/mo at her financing's exorbitant 6.8% and $5k closing costs with $65k down. So $1800 with the land rental. That's only a 38% savings over my current rent - I was hoping for 50%.

We made an appointment to see two homes in one park on Sunday.

Home, watched the latest episode of Elementary, was happy they have backed away from the soap opera format they had been trending toward, but sad they continued to steal names of characters from the Holmes stories. Glad they didn't kill off Lucy Liu, and they finally let her do some martial arts choreography.

Am done listening to the news. Am especially done listening to all the Democratic reps for the Bay Area moaning about how the Bad Guys are Being Stupid. I want some action from them. We need a new Speaker, and not that Pelosi failure.

In other news, Putin is being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Between Snowden and Syria, he gets my vote. Maybe they can make Obama hand over his still-unearned one.

Plans for tomorrow:
Manicure (?)
Pick up a package at UPS
No band rehearsal! We're done till next May. My 2 music stands and the expensive Baritone are in the patio storage room, the cheap baritone I'll take to a repair place Saturday and see if they will make if more playable.
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