Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sleepy, so nanowriless

Work, finally finished the script, total of 6 test cases covered. Would have been 7, but discovered that a spec change obsoleted one test, which meant i had to file a bug report because they didn't document the spec change. And I'll have to write new test cases to cover the change, but not this week.

Went for Thai food with Automation Guy but 17 groups of engineers decided to take their whole team there, so we went to the sushi place instead. Why do they tempura-fy broccoli and sweet potato? Gross.

The Loan Arranger did not have an answer for me about leased land mfg homes. Home rep cutie wanted to add another one to our tour Sunday, but it is in totally the wrong location, so I said no.

Home by way of UPS store, 2013 special quarters and a YA book called Smarty Marty which was billed as a baseball primer for grade school kids, written by the woman who does the sidelines coverage for SF Giants baseball on TV. Then to 7-11, Amazon locker held 12 packets of Werther's sugar-free caramel hard candies, which are my new bedtime snack.

In the mail was my refund from DMV for the license plate they refused to make. Silly rule, but it saved me $98 and the embarrassment of telling AAA to return the plates.

Also in the mail were blank checks from Discover Card for me to use to transfer balances from other credit cards. They have been shredded. Idiotsidiotsidiots, don't they know that those things get stolen and are identity theft tools?

Watched the Browns beat the Bills. The Bills looked better in their tighty whitey pants than the browns did in their brown pants. Announcers pissed me off by starting the game wrap-up while there was still plenty of time for Bufallo to make a comeback. Which they didn't which also pissed me off.

Sunnyvale's rec district pamphlet had several classes I was interested in, and the beginning ukulele classes are at a time I can actually go to, so Saturday I think I'm going to trek to the Ukulele Source in San Jose's Japantown and buy a starter uke, armed with suggestions from lemmozine and two other Facebook friends, one of whom built his own.

And just when I was ab out to give up theater, Palo Alto Players sent an audition notice for Young Frankenstein, the musical. Tryouts in mid-November, show runs April-May.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - Automation Guy is giving a class almost all day. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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