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And So It Goes

It took him a day, but Loan Arranger got back to me saying their lender doesn't make loans on manufactures homes which are on "leased land". Which means not ones in trailer parks. Loan Arranger FAIL, he should have been able to tell me that before I went to the trouble of sending a gazillion pieces of financial info.

Work today was mostly spent in a class by Automation Guy and two team members who were also showing things about automation. There was nothing useful from Automation Guy because he made the mistake of inviting IT Guy, who keeps asking question after question after question, all of them showing his complete lack of (a) consideration for others and (b) comprehension. Thankfully he and his team left at the first break. Next up was someone I thought knew what he was doing, but it turned out he is the king of cut and paste, with no clue what he is doing. He skipped over the important tip & tricks, and rambled forever about the unimportant minor details. Third up was another team member I think highly of, who blasted through his slides faster than I could read them, so I almost missed that this was a presentation he wrote in 2009, which uses a tool that has been obsolete for 3 years. That was suppose to be it, so I left. As I was leaving they asked the motormouth to take over, but there is no way, at that point, I was going to stick around for his bbbling.

Manufactured Homes cutie said she would email me a credit report release and an application so she could look into financing through her company, which does do leased land loans, when she got back to the office around 1 pm. It didn't get to me till 4, by that time too late for me to do anything with it in time for the 5 pm closing time. I don't have the facilities at work to print something, scan it in, fill it in, sign it, re-scan it and email it. And no way am I using the company fax for personal financials.

Did my weakly report, took care of some little things and then went to Costco for oversized shopping cart motor-less-cross. The people from India are the worst. Even the ones not traveling in packs. I did manage to find everything I was looking for, but often had to make two or three passes to get to where people of that ethnicity had called a family meeting, or were 6-abreast holding hands with their kids, or had parked their cart on one side of the aisle, holding onto it with one hand while reaching across the aisle to grab something off a shelf or open a fridge door. Or triple-parking at the corner of aisle and free food sample table. Grrr.

$100 doesn't go such a long way there anymore. Only 9 items.

Next stop, Batcave Starbucks, there were tables available so I played around on FB. Only stayed an hour, network was super slow, and I wanted to get home and print out the financial stuff.

Home, only two trips to get everything inside, the 32-can case of Diet Coke was way heavy, so I used the dolly. Put everything away. Heated up a beef pot pie for dinner, chocolate milk for dessert because I'm out of ice cream and have 4 2-quart containers of milk. Three from Costco.

While heating, I slipped collector's sets from the US Mint into padded flat-rate USPS envelopes and sent one off to each little sister. Youngest sister got the entire 50-state quarters sets over the 10 years they were issued, and when that was done the mint found other things to put on Washington's back. I'd forgotten about 2013, and sadly there were only 3 this year. So she gets that set. Middle sister lives in Baltimore, so she gets the Ft. McHenry commemorative set. A couple of weeks ago I sent littlest sister the Girl Scout 100th anniversary coin.

Those will go out tomorrow, I hope.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post Office
Japantown and Ukulele Source, buy a beginner's uke

Stage 1 Theater in Newark CA, Les Miz. Half of the Brigadoon cast is in it. There's another Les Miz running concurrently in Saratoga, probably a stronger cast but definitely a crappy theater - it's really the city council chambers. And not much of a set because it all has to be broken down and stored in a small space behind the stage every Tuesday, and re-assembled on Thursday night before the show starts. Stage 1 is in a high school theater, I think they have real theater facilities and can leave the set up. I'm not sure, but will know soon.

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