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Much Done

Busy day, went mostly as planned. Somehow doing stuff online to prepare for tomorrow's mobile home tour/financing, a stop at the PO to drop off a couple of packages (the gov't shutdown didn't affect the PO), delayed my noon visit to the uke shop until about 1 pm. The nice lady showed me some of the differences in the ukes, and the prices are clearly marked above each one. There were not many for less than $100, which I decided was my limit since this is for starters. And I wanted a soprano (the smallest adult size) because of the irony of big man, small instrument. After tryng out a few, I bought the Kala KA-S, a very pretty mahogany box with rosewood fretboard. Sounds excellent for $72. Another candidate was Daniel Ho's starter kit for $99, which included a carrying bag, but also a DVD and instruction book which I don't need, since I'll be taking a class which has its own book.

Back near home, got gas, since the price is down and I still had a trip across the Bay later. On to Target, hoping to score Dean Edell readers for work, but they have dropped his product line and now only have crap Foster Grants. I did manage to stock up on insulting birthday cards and got a replacement for the hair trimmer which broke this morning.

Home, watched some football but all the games I was really interested had to be relegated to Tivo.

Early dinner was sausages and baked beans.

7 pm, on the road to Newark memorial HS, whose theater was the venue for Stage 1's Les Miserables. I'll do a fuller review tomorrow, but for now let me say that the standing ovation lasted more than 5 minutes. Every member of the cast had at least one solo line and every voice was excellent. There were some casting disconnects because it was cast for the voice first, and in several cases they completely ignored looks as a factor. More later, probably with [Spoiler (click to open)] spoilers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Catch some early football
12:30 meet mobile home rep for two open houses and start the financing thing.
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