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I Can Haz Manufactured Home?

Wednesday Marilee of Alliance Manufactured Homes gave me printouts for two homes in Willow Ranch Park, a 55+ community of 236 spaces, about 5 miles from where I work. In the interim I sent her financial items and identified which mutual fund to sell for a downpayment. Today I brought the final form, and she drove us out to take a look. She also had found one more listing in the park new today. All three had advertised open houses today at 1.

The first one already had a "sale pending" sign on it, and was not viewable. The second one we went to was the new listing, a 3Br 2ba double-wide built 15 years ago. The owner was home, but there was no scheduled open house. However, she (Bobbi) invited us in, and after some chatting in the kitchen (she was making kale chips) she gave us The Tour. She is still very much still living there, is the original owner, and has kept it in great shape. The appliances apear new and top of the line,  and it's very roomy. Big livingroom, wide steps to the livingroom door will make it easy to move in the piano. Fully carpeted, laundry room is inside but off to the side. Lots of closet space, a storage shed at the back of the carport. No lawn, no view, but a front porch suitable for mint juleps. It was 85° outside but comfortable inside even without air conditioning.

Next stop was down the road a bit, a 2Br 1Ba which also wasn't having an open house but the owner let us tour it while he went out for a walk. Not very well taken care of, it was only a notch better than a trailer. He has already packed everything up and is living with just the essentials - TV, computer, couch.

I really liked the first one we saw. When we got back to her office I told Marilee I wanted to make an offer. The listed price was fine, a good $20k less than others in its class. I was a little taken by surprise that she needed a 3% deposit (I don't have that much in my checking account) but I do have ore than enough in my brokerage cash account to cover that. We did the paperwork for the loan, and the plan was for me to go home and print a check while she went home before her next appointment at 4. It was a little after 2.

Home, I printed a check and also logged into the brokerage account and placed an order to sell one of my mutual funds, which will cover most of the downpayment. I have to call them tomorrow to mail me a check for the deposit plus another $5k to complete the downpayment. Drove back and dropped off the check.

Home, watched football.

The timeline goes like this:
By Friday confirm for her that there is enough in my checking to cover the deposit.
Need seller approval (maybe tomorrow)
Loan approval within 10 days
Park approval after that
Health & safety inspections are done somewhere in there. I'll pay for the inspections, Bobbi pays for any required repairs. I doubt there will be any.
Escrow closes in 45 days or so ( we are targeting 11/30)
My current lease is not up till 1/24/2014, which means if I move out before then I will owe them rent through that date unless someone rents the apartment.
Bobbi is nowhere near close to being able to pack up and leave, so this is probably mutually beneficial.

Interesting things about Bobbi's home:
On the windows by the doors are signs declaring this to be a profanity-free household. I don't effing swear, so that works for me.
The whole wall alongside the fireplace holds a collection of crosses from around the world.
Above the bedroom which serves as her office, she has had a calligrapher paint a Christian affirmation
The kitchen walls have small picture snippets painted by a very good 3-D artist. One makes it look like there is a tear in the wall and a brick wall behind it.
The kitchen has a central island, and she had rigged a cookware holder hanging from the ceiling a few feet above it. Very handy, very French Cheffy.
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