Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost Forgot

to write this. Got distracted by writing a condolence letter to my aunt. The last surviving member of my parents' generation family. As far as I know only one of them died while incarcerated in an insane asylum.

The plan was going to be start the day at Kaiser for my quarterly bloodletting. But I had forgotten to fast, so instead I went to work an hour early. Whirlwind lunch period, went to Peninsula Beauty Supply and bought metallic silver (sans sparkles) nail polish. Tried Rite Aide and Walgreen's but neither had the elbow cold pack device I'd seen online. Onward to have my manicure, but first a stop next door at the orthopedic supply store. The guy working there had no idea what was on the shelves, he did find something vaguely resembling what I wanted but the one I have already is better.

Michelle was not there today, so the very young one did my nails again. She is adorable but not nearly as attention-holding as Michelle. I kept nodding off.

Next stop, the library to return a couple of DVDs. And to return a call which I couldn't take because my nails were being done. It was the mfg rep's office, asking for some details which were already on the loan application. :-(

Back to work, took one more online class, a pretty good one from 2011 where one of the engineering presenters is now boss' boss' boss.

Home, took the laptop inside to update it. This month's Windows 7 update was about 32 items, it would take forever to download at Starbucks. Pretty quick on the 5GHz wi-fi.

While that was going on I watched some of the Bears-Giants game. Glad I did not watch the A's game because they blew it. No pennant for them.

When the laptop was done successfully I created a restore point on the big PC and ran the updates again. At least this time if there was a BSOD, I wouldn't lose anything. Actually, I was blaming the blue screen on a RAID controller driver issue because at work I had looked it up and there was a new driver at Intel.com for that. But when I got home and ran device manager, Intel said I had a current driver. The diff is the new driver was only if your RAID was also your boot disk, which is a mistake I don't make. Not anymore.

It took a couple of hours, but did update just fine.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fasting blood test
Drop off broker check at CU to cover the loan deposit
Gravity in 3D
Tags: football, high finance, nails, work

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