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Hurry Up And...

Today many loose ends were tied up, tomorrow some more will be, and soon after that the waiting begins, I hope.

Today started at Kaiser, had my quarterly fasting blood test. Already have most of the results, and they are contradictory. Still waiting for the A1C which is kind of the key to everything. The best news is my cholesterol numbers have been improving dramatically.

On my way out I saw a sign there was a farmer's market in the outdoor space between the clinic and the hospital, so I went to check it out. There were two excellent vegetable stands, though the one which had stuff I would have liked to buy was still setting up. Two flower stands with lots of pretty blooms, also setting up. Salmon also setting up. Indian baked goods were ready to sell but had nothing I wanted.

So, to work. Got there at 9, at 10 drove a few blocks to the CU and had a teller deposit the check from the brokerage. Didn't trust the ATM to make it immediately available, which the teller did. So my deposit on the home is covered.

Back to work. There was actually some work to do, a new build came in on the older product, which I have one of. Verified one fix, punted another back to Engineering. They never really fixed the bug because they couldn't reproduce the customer's issue. And neither could I.

For lunch I went to Birk's, a swanky place which is supposed to be a steak house, but they don't serve any steaks at lunchtime. WTF? Had the pasta paella. It was very oily, the pasta was not something I recognized, long straight tubes slightly less in diameter than macaroni. There were small shrimps and a couple of overdone pieces of lobster claw meat, but most of the seafood was some grey fish meat. The whole thing was disappointing. Dessert was great, a small slice of chocolate and mocha fudge cake. A $3 slice for $9. Oh, yeah, a $1 cup of pretty good clam chowder appetizer for $5. The pre-meal bread was warm and tasty. Service was excellent, at first, but slowed down at the end. And even though I was all the way across the place from them, the rowdies at the bar were distractingly buzzed and loud. I should probably try it for dinner, but if they can screw up paella that bad maybe I don't want to know what they do to steak.

Not much else at work except my weekly report.

Got a call from mfg rep, she was picking up the park application and wanted me to come in tomorrow to go over disclosures and make an appointment for the park interview. Still trying to decide what costume to wear to that.

Home, was planning on seeing Gravity but then I realized I'm free Sunday matinée, which gets me the reduced price and also the senior price, without having to fight for a seat.

Dinner was in two parts. A very small Banquet entree of Swedish meatballs, then I warmed up one of the packets of Thai curried chicken drumsticks from the potluck. Need the freezer space. Mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.

Netflix delivered a copy of Prometheus, which was recommended to me by Automation Guy. Horrible acting all around but it looked like it might turn into something interesting so I stuck with it. Until the flame thrower came out, and   [Spoiler (click to open)]the flamee exploded inside his helmet. . That's when I hit the eject button.

So here I am on the computer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Meet with the mfg rep
Dump all the dead plants in the patio planters, except the catmints, which I'll bring inside, which means finding a place to put them.
Pick up a package at UPS
Maybe watch the UW-OR game. Something tells me the Huskies are not going to look too good this time.
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