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Kind of a Downer

The only useful things I did today were:

  • See Gravity in 3D at the local cinema
  • Change one of the litterbox cartridges
  • Vacuum up Domino fur in her three favorite places on the carpet.

The rest of the day was spent at home, watching a very sloppy 49ers victory, an even sloppier Redskins loss, and sitting on the patio reading from the Kindle app on my Nexus tablet.

For the last hour or so of the Sunday Night Football game, Kaan curled up under my right arm and went to sleep. Domino climbed to the top of the short cat tree and stared at us.

For lunch I made a banana malt. Dinner was a Marie Calendar frozen thingie. I really wanted to make the lamb shanks, but those are in the fridge, and after making them I would need to put one in the freezer, but there was no room in the freezer. With one less frozen dinner, now there is.

Gravity review
I was expecting something else.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
I kept waiting for the space alien invasion. This definitely hampered my enjoyment of the movie. The trailers I saw did not say why everything was exploding on the space shuttle, so I was not prepared for a completely earthborne phenomenon. The space alien invasion never came. And space aliens did not even kidnap Sandra Bullock and torture her until George Clooney sacrificed himself to protect her.

It was simply a story of survival against overwhelming odds, using Good Old American Know-How®™.

I saw it in 3D. It was also available in IMAX 3D, but IMAX theaters give me vertigo just getting to my seat. And 2D for a movie set in earth orbit, I am sure, would fall flat. They only pulled the "corpse comes from nowhere and pokes its head into your face" trick once. The rest of the time 3D was used effectively and realistically.

The realism was almost total. They missed two very obvious things. Sandra's underwear and Sandra's hair. Astronauts wear what looks like long johns with catheter tubes. Sandra wears a grey athletic half-T and black boy shorts. Astronaut hair poofs up into a halo. Sandra's hair maintained its Pantene Pro-V silkyness. Her undies were very distracting for me, because they were not form fitting and left too much to the imagination. And they were not authentic. I figured if you were going to dress her in something non-spec, you may as well chuck it all and go with sexy. 

They have her go into panic attack mode, and Clooney says all the right things in all the right ways to calm her down. The script is well-written, I think, except for one little racist detail. Toward the beginning while Clooney and Bullock are EVA doing actual work, Paul Sharma, playing the voice of a character named Shariff, with an Indian accent, is playing bungee jumping with his tether close to the craft. He sounds like a childish idiot, not like a qualified astronaut who knows we are all listening to him.

They went for the subtle ending. We really don't know for sure if she makes it home. Helicopter sound effects would have been nice.

Speaking of sounds, the score, such as it was, was way too loud at the end, and way too loud everywhere else it poked in. Which was not often, thankfully. Which reminds me of one other technical mistake. They have Clooney broadcasting Bad Country Music™ from his EVA suit for all to hear. AFAIK, there is no way to do that in a EVA suit, and it would be a safety no-no even if it was possible.

Ugliest credits ever. I didn't stay for Easter eggs, if any.

Worth matinée 3D senior price. Especially because there were only about 10 other people in the theater, not enough for misplaced laughs or cheers to reach critical mass.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (team meeting as usual)
Doctor? Or at least call the advice nurse. My elbow is killing me, despite icing it half of the day.
Ask for employment verification letter & apartment verification letter.

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