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Almost not worth the typing.

Work started with a 15-minute weekly meeting which two of The Usual suspects drew out past the allotted hour nitpicking over something better discussed off-line. :-(

But it was an hour in which I didn't have to try to find something to do which looked like work.

While in the meeting, the loan broker from the mfg called, I had to let it go to voicemail. She was supposed to have called Friday. She followed it up with email to my home mailbox, which I logged into. Three loan offers from two lenders. Bottom line is all three were more per month than I had been led to believe was a conservative estimate. Two were from a CU which has expanded to be a major mfg homes lender, the other was a Father & Son bank which did the same thing. All three had interest rates higher than they should be in these interest-free times. The CU played this game of offering 3% lower interest for a 5-year loan than for a 15-year loan, but the way that math goes is the monthly pay-out is $200 a month more for the longer-term loan. Boo, hiss. The bank's loan is 20 years, the monthly and interest rate splits the diff between the two CU offers.

There's a medium-term advantage in paying off the loan in 5 years, but I was looking for a bigger immediate advantage.

The email needed rent verification for the last 2 years. Last night I had faxed in a request for the year I have been living here, and got it, so I phoned and asked how to get the same for last year, different address but that company bought the company which owns the place I moved to, so the nice lady gave me my old account number and I faxed that in and they sent that paperwork to me. Twice. I am so happy I kept my nextiva.com fax account.

Next was 2 years' salary verification from the new company. Email to Payroll got me the fax & phone for the HR department which has the form for the lender/landlord to fill out. Too late to phone the east coast, so I faxed a request. With luck they will send the form tomorrow before I get to work.

Work stuff, took a class on IPv6, the new internet protocol standard. After an hour of pretty interesting and mind-bending info, the guy says they are about to run out of tape, so the teacher says change it. End of lesson. Back to the course catalog, there are 5 more sessions. I enrolled for the next one. Will take it tomorrow.

Home, didn't feel like going to BASFA. Probably won't for the rest of the football season.

Watched most of the MNF game, but was disappointed with it being mostly a defensive battle. Points excite me, tackles don't.

Caught up on LJ & FB, went online to make appointments. Domino needs her rabies shot and while I'm at it, she need some serious mat removal under sedation. And I penciled in a follow-up doctor's appointment for my elbow, which is hurting in places more consistent with having banged it than just tennis elbow. Maybe an x-ray is in order. Maybe drugs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hearing test @ Kaiser
UPS pickup
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