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Work got a little bit interesting, there was a bug fix to check out on the older model machine, which I do happen to have one of. Still no word when I get my main machine back.

No lunch. Lunchtime was a UPS pickup, then off to the Safeway next to where the hearing test was going to be. Surgical strike shopping, though I did buy some Australian extra-sharp cheddar just because.

I was still way early for the hearing test, but had my Nexus and the Kindle app. Even though the booth was roomy and not claustrophobic, my breathing kind of interfered with the test. But the results were about the same as last time. The doctor gave me two pieces of advice:
1. Get the wax cleared out of your ears by a professional
2. Don't waste your $$ on hearing aids yet.

Basically shows my hearing is crap above 4kHz but okay for the bulk of the vocal range, 250-1KHz. The drop at 1.5KHz is borderline "needs bionics".
X is left ear, O is right ear. The numbers up and down are dB. 0dB is what radio and TV stations are supposed to top off at. Every 3dB is double the loudness.

So, back to work, finished the bug I was checking and wrote it up, and then it was time to go home. But first a stop at Lucky's for one item Safeway didn't have. Almost parked for a while at the BatCave Starbucks, but there was too much stuff to do for the loan arranger.

Home, rounded up all the paperwork (electronwork?) which the loan people needed. Printed checks for their appraisal (which I'll try to drop off tomorrow) and for the termite inspection (which gets mailed).  I am still waiting for HR to answer my fax asking for the employment verification form. I'll email them tomorrow if there's nothing before I leave for work.

Watched some TV, Bones grabbed me  because Pretty Redhead. The Voice I could only take in small doses because their idea of a voice is mostly my idea of noise. But there's a sexy blonde on the panel who tried very hard to come out of the top of her dress.

Then the Olds, which they call news but there was nothing new.

UPS included NB sneakers from Zappos, which are going right back because by WIDE they meant the heel, not the toe box. :-( Too tight in front, slips like crazy in the back.

The whites are still in the dryer, and will probably stay there.

Made an appointment for Thursday morning to have Domino shot for rabies and de-matted.

Plans for tomorrow:
Doctor at 3 to follow up on the elbow, BP and ear wax.
Call mobile home park, try for an interview spot Thursday afternoon (I have the day off for PTO)
Drop off the check and the loan offer agreement at the loan arranger's
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