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Mister Eclectic

Eh 2?

Wrapped up some stuff at work, finished taking the class which was interrupted yesterday.

Called to make an appointment for the mobile home park interview for tomorrow afternoon, but the manager is only there mornings, so made it for Friday morning. They said the paystubs will work for employment verification, no need for a letter. But they needed everything printed out because it has to be faxed. I guess they are not set up with eFax. :-(
Lunchtime dropped off the appraisal check with the loan arranger, their office is around the corner from the mfg rep. On to MV for dr. appt. but was so early had lunch first, Sono Sushi, which has been there forever but I have not been there in forever. Maybe 20 years? Empty a 2 pm, but very fast service. Excellent shrimp tempura, the only fail was there was broccoli tempura. All the other veggies were my faves. Long long shrimp. $11.

Then to Dr office, a bit early but it was a slow day and she saw me 15 minutes early. Got prescriptions for an anti-inflammatory for the elbow and a new BP med, and a request for a PT appointment. And then had my ears dropped but the nurse forgot about me, so it was 50 minutes not 30 before she did the ear wash. The right ear is still blocked, left ear seems okay. She called another nurse, who took a look and decided to send me home with another does of ear drops to soak in overnight, and then for another hour before I come in tomorrow for another wash.

Back to work, signed up for more classes. Vets called, since she will be sedated, no food for Domino after 9 pm.

Home, fired up the PC, cranked out a pound and a half of paperwork for Friday's interview.

Took the cat carrier out of the closet, straightened out the towel and sprayed it with "Bliss Mist". Kaan immediately walked inside, turned to face out and laid down.

single serve lasagna nuked for dinner, channel surfed but nothing caught.

VPNed to work, emailed HR asking for a verification letter (the loan folks still need it). Last time I faxed them, they may have ignored it as a non-company fax.

Looked at the uke class info in the catalog, it says to bring a pick. I thought I had one in my trumpet case. Took out the case, opened it up for the first time in 2 years, did not find a pick. Did find:
Several mouthpieces for trumpet and French Horn
A straight mute
A pair of drumsticks
Two soprano recorders (both wooden, one made in Germany the other in Israel)
A tube of toothpaste
A receipt from Thrifty car rentals
A few pieces of stick trumpet marching band music. A hand-written part for "Bubbles Was A Cheeleader"
The alumni edition of the UW fight song (laminated).
A full-sized book of popular tunes for piano & voice
Some of my Seattle All-City High School Marching Band year pins.

So I guess I need a uke pick. I once saw a gadget which can cut a couple of picks out of a credit card. Found one on Amazon - way too expensive. There is also a book, available online they said, but the music store which hosts the class has a non-intuitive web site, so I'll buy one in class. Or maybe online elsewhere, it's the standard Hal Leonard book.

9 pm, hid the two food towers in the closet after checking for cats.

Shot up, took meds, and here I am.

Edit add: Got a notice that someone un-friended me. The handle did not ring a bell.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up early to bring Domino to the vet by 9. Well, up when the alarm goes off.
Home, dose the ears, Kaiser MV for ear wash reprise
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