Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Very Busy Day Off

Bottom line is I accomplished my main objective - to not be at work hiding under my desk at 10 am for the incredibly useless earthquake drill.

It was a fitful night because I had to hide the cat food at 9 pm, since Domino was gong to be sedated. Both cats made rude noises at me much of the night. "Feed Me" noises.

I was up 10 minutes before the alarm. Showered and medicated and dressed and emailed and socially networked by 8 am. Channel surfed and found Queen Latifa to take my mind off Things until 8:30. I have always liked her. For some reason used to get her confused with Queen Ida, and would tack "And her Bon Temps Zydeco Band" after her name. I think she is the only Female Person of Size I know whom I consider sexy. It must be the cheekbones.

I also logged into work to see if HR had sent the Verification of Employment form. They actually sent me the letter. But when I read it, it was unusable. The first line gives my full name, the second paragraph begins with a first name. It was someone else's first name. Ambikacharan. I asked them to fix it.

Domino walked right into the carrier without a fuss, and even stayed inside as I struggled with the door, which turns out the last vet had installed backwards.

Got to the clinic in about 5 minutes, no traffic. The morning staff was pretty clueless. New employee and new computer program, and she kept making excuses for her lack of computer literacy by saying stupid things like "we can't print out your online form" and she made me fill it out by hand. Grrrr.

Domino was there for two things: get rid of her mats, get a rabies shot. When the aide came out, she had a long list of things, which I vetoed.

Groomer came out to make an estimate, she is a middle-aged Hispanic woman whose English is not quite fluent, but she got out the words "shave" and "brush" in a way which made me think she almost understood me. Strange but true, Domino stayed curled up in my arms for the whole look-see. And groomer carried her to the back room just fine. Usually Domino HATES being held or carried and bolts as soon as possible.

Estimate was $60, she didn't know what sedation might cost, but was 50-50 about whether it would be needed. 2-3 hours.

I went home, decided not to go to Mountain View for the second try at ear wax demolition until after Domino was home. Checked work email, HR corrected my name, I printed out one for the mobile home park and one for my files, and forwarded it to the mfg rep and the loan arranger.

Good thing I was still home, because at about 10:30 the vet called to get an ok for the sedation. But first she says the groomer found an open wound under one of the mats (I expected something like this) and they needed to apply antibiotics as well. Estimate $140. Okay.

12:30, groomer calls, please come ASAP because Domino is done, but she wants to show me the divet before she leaves for the day. I interrupted my beef pot pie and Tivo replay of three weeks ago's South Park and got there in 15 minutes.

The first surprise was it was $243. The second is Domino had been bathed and was all clean and fluffy. The third surprise was a pink ribbon on her head.

She showed me the cut-out on Domino's side where the wound was, and reminded me to keep an eye on it.

Home, Domino was very out of it, checked the food dishes which I give her and Kaan their kitty crack in, but those are empty. She was not interested in the solid food. Kaan followed her everywhere, she was not up to snarling and hissing, so she just kept moving. Finally she parked herself at one of the water fountains and did a lot of hydrating.

I put ear drops and a cotton ball in, waited half an hour, and drove to MV for part 2 of the ear wash. Another nurse did the honors, she was much more competent than the two I had yesterday. She got it all. I had stopped for gas on my way. It angers me to be happy to pay $3.70/gal.

It was a beautiful day, almost 90° outside, I figured on stopping off to replenish my depleted ice cream stores. Stopped at Lucky's, said no to Starbucks, headed for the Breyers section because (a) their containers fit better in my freezer and (b) they have lactose-free ice cream. Turns out it was on sale, 3 items for the price of 2, and that included Klondike bars. They were out of lactose-free except vanilla, so I snagged two thin mints and a klondike oreo pack.

In the car, half way home, phone rings, physical therapy says they have openings today at 3:30, 4 and 5. I snag the 4 o'clock, which gives me time to get home, put away the ie cream, check on the cats and go to Kaiser. This is the one in Santa Clara, not the one in MV I had just come from.

Got there at 3:30 because parking is usually a 20-minute festival, but this time I got a space 2nd space 1st row. Filled out the "show the officer on the picture where the Bad Man touched you" form, and dozed off. Therapist woke me up. Nice man named Ryan. He was pleased that I was already doing all the right things, icing, arm strap, going left-handed as much as possible. He showed me some places to massage, a couple of exercises with small weights, and how to do an ice massage. Half an hour and I was on the road homeward.

Picked up the mail, which included the utilities bill and a troll from Comcast about how I can keep all my settings when I move. The letter was triggered by me going online and checking whether they have service at the mobile home park. Interesting thing is the generic mobile home park info online says many parks don't have cable, so people get satellite dishes. The lease I have been given says they prefer no dishes, and to use cable. Which is what I want. Nothing beats cable for a fast, reliable signal.

Looked at the date and remembered it was time to spend this week's paycheck. Paid the balance on my three credit cards, post-dated to when they are due. But as soon as I enter it in Quicken, to me the money is no longer available.

Meanwhile, Domino was babysitting the water tower. I pulled her away and into my arms, and her whole front, both paws and her upper body, were soaked. And Kaan was still trying to "guard" her. Or be supportive. Or something. He knew she was not alright, and was acting like "I'm here for you" and Domino was all "I'm walking away from you".

Fired up Tivo, Thursday Night Football was recording and it was at a good spot to watch and FF through the commercials and the idiot talk. Seahawks won, but Arizona's defense was fast. After the game players and coaches from both sides made nice. Good to see sportsmanship.

Dinner was baked fish sticks with muenster cheese melted on top, with a side of mixed veggies. And thin mints ice cream for dessert.
Sometime today, probably after the ear wash, I bought an extra set of uke strings and some picks at the music store in downtown MV.

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am interview at the mobile home park. I think I have all the paperwork they want, printed out.
Buy a 1-lb and 2-lb weight

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