Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Why Is It When I Don't Need To Be Ready Early I Am?

And when I do need to, I'm usually not?

Woke up at 6:55, waited for the alarm at 7. First thing on the agenda was not till 10, interview at the mobile home park which is about 5 minutes from the apartment. Maybe less.

Showered, medicated & ready to go at 8. Was so bored I made a PNB&J sandwich & ate it all. Even warmed it in the microwave first. Watched just enough of the news on TV to know BART's greedy union bosses called a strike. Channel surfed and hit Comedy Central just in time to see the Malala interview. Her English is astoundingly good. They only showed the first part, 9 am it went that Colbert dumbness. Many people say he's a wit, I say they are half right.

Finally willed the clock to swing around to 9:30, found something to do for another 10 minutes and finally went to the mobile home park. I was 15 minutes early, waited in the parking lot for 5 minutes, found the office manager and she brought me to the crafts room, which has very comfortable upholstered semi-circular chairs. The park manager came in soon, with his folder of paper stuff, about as thick as mine.

Very nice man, great sense of humor, somewhere around my age, knew the process quite well. He read me the parts of the agreements which needed to be read, skipped over the stuff which didn't apply (like the 10 pages about homes which were being moved into or out of the park), emphasized the more important things, and after all of the lease-related stuff was done he went down the list I'd been given of what I needed to give him. The list turned out to be more things than he actually wanted. For instance, he did not want my Social Security card, just seeing the copy I'd made was enough, and he didn't need as many months' of bank or pay statements as the list called for. One thing the mfg rep was supposed to have gotten him she hadn't - my credit report, but I had one at home, and he was okay with me emailing it to him.

As a special added bonus he gave me a copy of this month's residents' club magazine. They do have bingo - once a month.

When he read through the tenant rules, he said Comcast was their cable provider, so the dish that the current owner has can be removed either by her or by my calling the dish company.

I asked about solar, he said the roofs could not structurally support the panels, and also the park owns all the electric, gas and water meters, so it would be a royal PITA to separate individual feeds. He added that some people have installed electric car charging units, and he is looking into a long term plan to build those in.

Wrapping things up (it took 90 minutes to get to that point) he said the decision is made by Corporate, they have 15 days to decide, but if they need some more information from me, the clock resets to when I get that to them. I get the impression it usually takes a lot less than 15 days. He said he didn't see any reason they would turn me down.

Home, fired up the PC and sent the credit report. While I was doing that bot cats were on the window ledge being bookends, only a few inches apart. That's a first.

packed my cooler with diet Cokes and snacks, went to Togos for lunch and eye candy, and was at work by 1 pm. Not much to do, just some follow-up stuff and writing my weekly report.

Home again, decided there was no place I needed to go tonight, I'll do the little shopping & package pickup things tomorrow. Called Petco to find out what time they did pet vaccinations, Kaan needs a rabies shot. But they only do them Sunday afternoons, which will also work. Janice sent email, we'll do coffee early Sunday afternoon. She is on vacation to India next week. I don't envy her the long, multiple plane rides.

Caught up a little on Tivo, two episodes of South Park and one of The Mentalist. The latter ended in a way which is going to make me delete the two remaining recordings and take it off my list. They have sunk to the depths of your standard teen horror flick, plus soap opera.

Oddly enough, Elementary, which is basically a Mentalist rip-off with a side of Lie To Me, has elevated itself out of the impending soap opera, and is letting Lucy Liu show off some of her well-honed martial arts choreography skills.

Kaan kept head-butting me while I was watching, finally curled up in the crook of my arm. I had to get up a couple of times, once to do something in the kitchen and once to go outside and see the full moon. I missed the harvest moon part, though. He was insulted by that last move and jumped off the recliner and onto the far end of the back of the sofa, and just stared at me.

Meanwhile, Domino let me pet her a bit more than usual, and I am very pleased that the bathing/grooming has given her back the extremely soft fur she had always had. After Pumpkin died, she stopped doing her usual meticulous grooming. That was about a year ago. While I was petting her, I noticed that what I thought was a scab on the back of her neck was gone. Must have just been a knot of fur.

On FB one of my BASFA friends posted about a con in Burlingame I had been planning to attend, it's the first weekend in November. Went to the web site, and pre-reg is already closed. WTF? With 3 weekends to go? And there is not a word on the site about programming. Nothing. Not even a tab saying TBA. The only thing close is two events which cost extra to attend. The whole point of this con was to provide a more together con than Baycon, which has been plagued with communication gaps and lack of staff. Looks to me like Convolution is not fulfilling that promise, so I probably won't go. If they post a program by next weekend and it has enough things I'm interested in, I'll go.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sporting goods place, buy a 1# and 2# weight
Petco, confirm the hours on Sunday for vaccinations
OSH, buy a rubber mat to help dampen the hum of the cats' water fountain in the kitchen
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