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I will write this after dinner

And now it is after dinner. My diabetes doctor reminded me that it's all in the timing, especially with the new 5x insulin, so whatever evils I am fighting on the Internet, dinner's at 8, insulin at 9. We'll see how long that lasts. I set up reminders on Google calendar, only to discover my phone is no longer syncing with that. Damned AT&T. Have to tell the phone to sync manually. I'll have to check with Google on why that changed all of a sudden.

Found it - Samsung's fault - cleverly hidden in the Data Usage section when you hit the menu button. Boo, Hiss.

Okay, about today. Did all my to-dos with too much time to spare.

- 7-11 picked up an amazon locker delivery of socks allegedly designed to provide better ventillation
- OSH, bought a rubber mat, a squeegee and a pack of AAA batteries
- Sports Authority, found 1 lb and 2 lb mini dumbbells. Looked at shoes, found some nice Asics, but $150? No thanks.
- UPS, piked up a Zappos package with $50 shoes
- Petco, confirmed they give vaccinations tomorrow at 2

Home, tried on the shoes, they fit okay. Kaan helped me tie them. Knot. These are the first shoes with laces he has seen on me. All my others are slip-on or Velcro.

Watched bits of the Stanford game. Poorly played by both sides. Stanford won but not by a lot. Then on another channel the UW game came on, horrible display of inaccuracy by the QB. It was a rout by halftime, final score I see was 53-24. Urp.

Went out on the patio to read, Domino curled up on her chair for a while, but Kaan stayed inside, on my computer chair. He also camped out in the pet carrier, which is good. He's in there now. Should be easy to get him in there for the trip to Petco tomorrow.

Watched an episode of Elementary. I am liking the direction they are taking it. Nuked my remaining The Mentalist episodes & season pass. A shame. Solid acting, pretty good writing, but the producers have decided to obsess on something they should have ended in Season One.

In the mail today were two items: The US Mint's holiday catalog. and a Truth in Lending letter from the CU which is loaning me the $$ for the house. It gave my credit score, from the same source I got mine from 4 days before, and it was 23 points less. Still excellent, but that's effed up. So I went online like they said, and got my free credit report, but it didn't include the score. 16 pages of other stuff, though.

Mfg rep emailed last night that Mon & Tues there were inspections scheduled on the house. During some of my down time this afternoon I read some of the park's monthly magazine, it was 60% canned content, 20% local info from the community association, and 20% ads. The ads were very useful - the park isn't allowed to recommend service providers, but the magazine was full of ads for everything from maid service to re-leveling contractors.

Some friends are in Zombie Prom, a musical opening November Fools' Day at Sunnyvale community theater, I bought a ticket online for opening night.

Plans for tomorrow:
Car wash
Rabies shot for Kaan
Coffee with Janice before she runs off to India.
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