Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

High Anxiety

The loan people are being assholes. It is making me crazy. Crazier. Highest blood sugar reading I have ever had. Highest blood pressure reading too, I think. I need to unscrew my brain and set it aside to cool.

Work was a little crazy too.

After work I flipped a virtual coin and chose Costco over UPS. Costco was full of insane people, more than usual. It's not a race, little man from the subcontinent. It is not a family gathering, Spanish-speaking aisle-blockers. And alleged adults of all stripes, your grocery cart was not built to be pushed around by your younger family members, the ones who have no fine motor skills.

It's not prejudice, it's postjudice.

Lunchtime was a trip to Kaiser lab for a serum potassium blood draw. I got the trainee. It was her first day without direct supervision. She did well. Two areas for improvement: more confidence, and when you see that vein bump standing right there at the crook of the elbow shouting "bleed me!", you don't have to trace the vein from the wrist on up. #2 is a reflection of #1. She will be gangbusters in time.

Starbucks across the street, tried their Orange Valencia drink, with a chocolate croissant. "Would you like the croissant heated up?" "Not unless you want to see me wearing it".  Some eye candy, in between reading from the Kindle app on the Nexus. The Long Earth. It hovers between YA and adult sci-fi.

Lamb shank and creamed corn for dinner.

Costco check-out featured an athletic young woman who re-packed everyone's conveyor belt items with a combination of Pythagorean genius and Olympic passion. I told her she is awesome. It surprised her.

In other news, the tennis elbow is 90% not hurting. Irony - there is an annoying abrasion where the strap meets the bottom of the elbow curve.

Plans for tomorrow:
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