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In Winter I Get Up At night

And dress by compact fluorescent light.

Sometime soon we are about to Fall Back. Which only makes things worse.
So, today at work was a bit overwhelming, thinking about how to write a suite of test cases. Needs to be two for each test, one for telnet one for ssh. Tomorrow I need to write one series. How did it get to be Thursday already?

Last night I faxed a form to my broker to wire transfer half of my life savings to my checking CU account so it will be there when I need to wire it from there to somewhere for the downpayment. They called me at about 9 am to say they wired the funds, but it didn't show up in my CU account until 2 pm. Still waiting to hear a final okay from the lender. Have heard nothing from the escrow people. I write as if I know what all this stuff means, but I do not. I do know that today the checks cleared for the termite inspection and the appraisal. I also know this will mean a small tax refund for me, but have no idea how much. TurboTax will do that for me. 

Went on Yelp and looked up moving companies. Also found my LJ entry for the last move. It didn't mention the company. Found the receipt, Advanced Moving. I may use them again, but with 3 men, not 4. I thought the piano would need 4, but they did it with 2. Very routine. The part which pissed me off was how much wrapping paper and boxes they used for packing up the kitchen (I had The Plague and was in a show, did not get all the packing done in time). This time I'll have everything packed. I'm thinking December 5.

Lunchtime was manicure time. Automation guy heard me make the appointment, and offered to drive me to his wife's nail salon and have her do it for free. No thanks. The salon is in Redwood City, an hour round trip. And I don't want free. And I'd already made the appointment. Maybe next time, because once again Michelle was way late so someone else did the honors. She is slower and not as skilled and not as easy on the eyes. Michelle wins beauty contests. When she came in she showed me the latest photos from the San Jose Vietnamese pageant, which she won.

Back to work with a stop at the CU ATM, got some cash, partly because I needed some cash but mostly to see if the wire transfer had gone through. It had. Using the CU phone app it did not show up till later.

Home, Thursday Night Football, disgusted that with 5 minutes left to play in a not very lopsided game, the announcers had already stopped paying attention and had awarded the game to Jacksonville. They pretty much had decided on the winner last week. If it was my home team, I'd be flooding ESPN with nastygrams.

Got a rude reminder from Comcast this week. My 1-year new customer discount has expired, the bill went from $120 to $150 a month.

Dinner was a few chicken wings and three salapow. Aka Cha siu bao, aka BBQ pork steamed buns. Domino sat at my feet staring at me till I gave her some chicken.
Plans for tomorrow:
Pick up a package of socks from amazon locker, probably.
Roti for dinner, I think. I have a lot of penang curry paste left and three packages of frozen roti.
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