Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One Small Step For Amen

In the continuing saga of the buying of the abode, the appraisal came in at almost exactly what the sales price is. Can I get an Amen? No don't, I'm an atheist.

But what this means is two things: the seller won't ask for more $$, and the lender won't ask for more $$.

And I don't feel cheated.

Morning blood sugar was way too high.

Stripped the bed, put the stuff in the wash, made the bed with bright orange cotton sheets, Kaan helped by playing submarine attack.
Went online and then put the wash in the dryer before heading for work.

Got to work a little early, had a lot of planning and thinking to do about the project I am on. Spent all day cranking out test cases for the new java app. Found a couple of minor bugs. Was unpleasantly surprised when the fellow who created the tool told me he cut and pasted everything from a previous version, and didn't really know what it did. Ouch. Because he included the active ingredients of the code in his documentation, and it was mostly simple stuff which non-programmer me understood.

Anyhow that took all day except for the half hour it took to write my weekly report.

Lunch was at Starbucks. The economy is getting better because there were parking spaces for the car and for my butt. I had a free drink on the app, but they have discontinued the cookie crumble frappe till next summer, so I settled for mocha frappe.

Much eye candy, but mostly to go orders. I didn't stay long. Finished half my drink at my desk.

Phone showed voicemail at about 3 pm, but the phone had not rung and there was no call on my phone log.  It was the mfg rep with the news about the appraisal. Made an appointment for tomorrow morning to sign some more papers. Disclosures. Forgot that I wanted to go to NASA for the model rocket launch, probably the last one of the year. But my arm isn't up to holding the Nikon yet, so no harm done.

Home by way of the French Store, where I bought a new tennis elbow strap, the original one is losing its cushioning. Also got another birthday card for my sister. I'm almost covered till June, her actual birth month. It's a lovely store, but their checkout maze is insane.

Watched some TV, bull riding and fantasy football suggestions. With the helmets and padding the bull riders wear these days, they could combine the two.

Dinner took some time to cook. Roti with Penang curry dip. And some thawed ham slices.

Got the comforter out of the dryer and finished making the bed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Morning. Maybe watch some college football.
Mfg rep appointment
?? See a movie. No, everything I wanted to see is no longer playing. It's all drek this week
Call the moving company for the current prices.
Tags: cats, incendiary activity, movies, moving, work

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