Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy Day, Frustrating tech, moving right along at home

Was up at 5:30, tried to sleep but it didn't happen. Made up for it by spending too much time online. Got to work right at 9. Parking is tight, they have moved 45 more people from the new company's site in Sunnyvale, and the main parking in the back is hella inconvenient because we have workers tearing up the back of the lab, installing more power and ventilation. Allegedly. I thought they were supposed to done by now but they aren't even close.

Learned how to spoof the network firewall and tunnel telnet from my desk to the lab. But the app I'm testing also needs ftp, and it seems we can only do one at a time, and the ftp part is munged anyway.

Lunch at Togo's. Much eye candy behind the counter, very little at the tables.

Home, got out the step stool and cleared the top shelf of the photo rack. Top shelf had a stack of cheaply framed photos from ancient worldcons and other art shows. White gaffer taped them together and wheeled them out to the dumpsters, both of which are already half full a day after they were emptied. I have two more boxes of photos in the storage room to dump. L8er.

Dinner was sausages and kraut and baked beans. Watched the end of that X-men ripoff, I hate the guy in the blue suit. Mediocre character actor who always plays the good guy you're suspicious of or the bad guy with the Teflon coating. Caught some of the Buffy rip-off which is re-writing Oz with the most boring Dorothy possible. Redhead needs to tone down the hair. I hate it when a natural redhead dyes her hair red and gets something LOUD.

Easiest packing job is the racks of DVDs and CDs in the computer room, got all the DVDs/VHSs, all the popular music, half the showtunes. 4 boxes. Two more to go, but not tonight.

Nice treat in the mail, UK cousins sent me a tiny hardcover "Little Book of Cats" from the British museum. About 30 photos of cat-themed artifacts opposite a page of explanatory notes. Very well done.

Hgl levels are still all over the place. Got a detailed log this time, will try to fax it to diabetes doc who is supposed to phone tomorrow afternoon.

Emailed the movers' rep, no answer yet. May have to go with #2 choice.

Plans for tomorrow:
PM Sunnyvale library NASA presentation.
Maybe pack another box or two

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