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I promised myself

that I would get some sleep tonight, because I'll be going to a show tomorrow night and really don't want to doze off in the theater and possibly be eaten by zombies.

Last night's library event threw off my schedule, I didn't get to sleep until after 1 am,  and the alarm goes off at 7.

Somehow I managed to spend the whole day at work researching stuff, but not accomplishing anything which could be measured. I forgot that I had promised one of the automation people to write several step-by-steps for test cases which are missing them. Tomorrow, I promise.

I did get some personal stuff done. Went online and re-worked my list of movers. The one which moved me last time hasn't responded to Saturday's voicemail or Tuesday's email, I suspect they are out of business. They are definitely out of mine. #2 choice's web site was clearly primarily a commercial mover, specializing in whole office building moves.  So #3 it is, a company called The One Move. Weird name, but their web site is excellent, I filled out the form asking for an estimate and Josh called me within 2 hours, asked all the right questions, and gave me a verbal estimate followed by a written one. We are booked for the morning of December 5.

Lunchtime I went to the Sunnyvale Petco and talked with the Humane Society person there. She said that for Sunnyvale residents they definitely do accept surrendered cats, regardless of what the web site says, and she gave me a number to call and some clue on how to find the application form in the web site. It's a 4-page for which needs to be printed and filled out by hand, which I did at work. It's a pretty reasonable barrage of questions, written to not impose feelings of massive guilt.

I've been listening to Gaiman's Fragile Things in the car, most of the first disk is snippets describing, 1 by 1, in detail, how he came to write the short stories on the remaining 8 discs. I skipped those, and am in about the third chapter of the first story, which is a Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulu number. For reasons unknown, he is careful to avoid calling Holmes or Watson by name. And he pronounces Lestrade with a long "a". I've always said it with a short "a". "ah".

Got the scheduled call from the diabetes doctor about 2 hours late, we decided I need to swap veggies to replace pasta.

Home by way of Lucky's, for veggies and TV dinners. And it dawned on me that canned veggies were a wiser choice with an impending move than frozen. So I did a price comparison, and the canned ones were on average 20% less expensive, ounce for ounce. So I came home with very heavy shopping bags. Also got bananas and apples and limes.

That's the plaza with the batcave Starbucks, which is no longer cave-like, the facade has finally been completed, it is very pretty, and while there is still a fenced pathway it is only there while they complete the patio in front. I give it a week. Now they are tearing into the KFC and donut shop on the other side of the parking lot.

Juggled watching football (a dead boring game got very interesting at the end, went into overtime and was decided by a safety) with writing a cover letter and faxing the forms to the Humane Society, FB, LJ and Quicken. My paycheck was deposited a day early, and my mutual fund sale made it onto the broker's feed a day late. I won't need that cash until about the 21st. And December 1. And January 1. The movers will take Discover Card, which means almost a month of free money plus a whopping cash back.

And now my conscience tells me I need to pack one more box of CDs.

Plans for tomorrow:
Zombie Prom at Sunnyvale
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