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Somewhat boring day at work, no internet connection when I arrived, but it came back soon enough, but was slow. Turns out the SBC folks had not connected the high speed and we were running off DSL. Boss didn't bother to tell anyone about this until this evening's support conference call.

One out of two stalls in the men's room is out of order. The plumber came in around 1 pm and managed to spread a thin film of sewage through much of the men's room, with boot prints clear enough for us to know what size and brand he's wearing. He didn't fix the problem, and didn't clean up after himself. The restrooms are half the size of the ones we had in MV, and it looks like we will be sharing them with another company Real Soon Now, as we have only rented half the floor.

The Cisco VOIP phones have only one ring tone, and it sounds like pong on steroids. The cubicles have short walls, so noise is amplified. There is no good way to get or from this place. Traffic is a mess. There is nowhere to eat in walking distance. No sidewalks either.

Had lunch with long-time BBS pal filbo who makes the commute to Palo Alto from Watsonville. He brought along a co-worker who drives in from Santa Cruz. Ate at Thai City, and was surprised to have as our waiter the guy who used to be the chief waiter at all the bowling alley restaurants. in the 80's.  He used to have a very close crew cut or shaved head, now he has a full head of hair and looks about the same age as he did 20 years ago.

Went to bed at 10:30 tonight, but couldn't sleep. Not enough activity today. I went on eBay and bought a couple of small cheap items, and a snapshot digital camera to take along when there isn't room for my Nikon SLR. $100 including shipping, but I need to fork out maybe $15 more for a small memory card. The marketing blurb says it has 12MB of internal memory, which can store up to 7 photos. Big whoop. Another 128Mb should give me about 75 more, which should be fine.

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