Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Batcave excavated

I'm in the Starbucks formerly referred to as the batcave. The construction of the facade is done, there is no longer the tunnel to the front door , and it looks very nice. The patio are is still chain linked closed, but that's off to the side and I expect it will be enlarged from the former one-table-deep line against the wall to a real patio. Maybe.

It's pretty quiet in here tonight, but there has been some eye candy and I'm trying an eggnog latte. I don't usually have hot drinks, but it didn't seem like something which would work as well on ice.

Which is odd, because IRL I drink refrigerated eggnog straight. Back in college someone gave me the rummmified version, and it ruined it for me.

Before dinner last night my Hgl reading was way high, so I increased my insulin dose by 4 units (which is equal to 20 regular untis). Big Mistake. At 2 am I woke up so insulin shocked that I didn't even think my Hgl was low. My medulla oblongata insisted and I took a reading. 62. Ouch! During the next half hour I vacuumed up two glasses of chocolate milk and nibbled an oreo Klondike bar. By 3 am I was up to 86, still low for me, but good enough to go back to sleep.

Somewhere in there, I think just before I got up, Domino climbed on the bed and climbed on top of Mt. Howard. I love the attention, but when she does this she refuses to lie down, she sits up with all her weight on her paws. It's very uncomfortable. I rolled to the side to get her off, but she just walked across me and sat up on my chest. even more uncomfortable.

Amazingly, all this time Kaan was a brown lump asleep at the foot of the bed on the opposite side.

I slept as long as I could, till about 9:30, Hgl was back up to 220, too high. so I did a smaller morning shot of insulin, and at pre-lunch was still about 180. what I really need is a device which measures my Hgl continuously and feeds me insulin as needed in small doses. They exist, I think, but probably are too expensive for the HMO. And I'm very leary of using one. A dear friend from Stanford Savoyards had an insulin pump, it malfunctioned and killed her.

Work today mostly was proofreading the doc we send out with each software release. when I found 5 errors in the first 5 pages I told Boss it might take a while, but he said someone else wrote the opening section, and he hadn't proofed it. I only found 2 more typos in the rest of the 30+-page doc.

Lunch at Togo's, clam chowder is yummy but the meatball sandwhich was not. Dried out bread (alleged sourdough is not sour) 50% sawdust meatballs. Good marinara. Provolone was cold. But the eye candy made up for it. One woman especially whom I have seen there a couple of times, unfortunately gets her order to go. Perfect complexion, wasp waist, looks amazing in a full length stretch material dress. Also a couple of young women from India and one Filippina pixie who was dressed as well as her not very prosperous looking young man could afford. There are two gorgeous women behind the counter who are, I think, sisters. If they aren't IRL they could pass.

Been listening to Neil Gaiman's self-narrated  Fragile Things in the car. I love his voice, and the knack he has for storytelling. But I've had to skip over chunks because he goes places I don't want to follow. He can be very descriptive. Unlike most of my friends, being scared shitless is not my idea of entertainment.

Chinese woman, middle aged, comes up to me and asks if I am "The Santa Claus". I tell her I frighten children. She asks how they can be frightened of me, I tell her I don't like children, so I frighten them on purpose. I forgot I am wearing a red shirt tonight.

My tennis elbow is mostly okay now, but the sprained elbow is still there. Switched from the tennis elbow strap to a full elbow brace. Much better.

I went onto the movers' web site to verify the address, and the one they have on "contact us" is aresidence net door to the apartment I lived in 3 years ago. Phoned and got the right address, it's in the same building as Peninsula Youth Theater. I'll go on Saturday, I think.

Time to go home, one box to pack, I think.

No real plans for tomorrow except work and 1-on1

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