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Tedious stuff

Went to bed a little after 8 last night, no dinner because the eggnog latte at Starbucks filled me up and my Hgl reading was high. And very sleep deprived from the low Hgl the night before. Amazed it waited till I got home for me to crash. But it was insomnia central, didn't actually sleep until about 11:30. :-(

Up with the alarm, but somehow didn't manage to get to work till 9:30.

Spent the day searching the database for old test cases which had been marked fixed but never verified by QA. Lowest priority ones which would not block the release of the product.

Had my 1-on-1 with the boss, as usual I talked too much. Saving grace is the team member who is next in the schedule talks very little.

Anyhow the result of the day's work was tomorrow I need to dig up the previous release's manual and cut and paste a section to send to the tech pubs editor because it was missing from the upcoming one. It's for a pretty neat feature. NDA precludes my giving details, darn it.

Lunch was at Santa Clara's worst fast Chinese food place, which I go to because I like the Mom & Pop & daughter there. When I started going in 2007 the daughter was definitely too young to be legally working. But she wasn't being given the shit jobs, they let her ladle out the food and run the cash register. She wasn't there today, though. It is also next to a Jamba Juice and a Starbucks and there is a lot of eye candy passing by.

Straight home after working a little late. Totally forgot that I am out of low blood sugar control items (Klondike bars) and running low on lactose-free milk, which, combined with chocolate syrup, is another low blood sugar control item. I may need to go to Costco and buy a couple of sets of liquor-filled dark chocolate mini-bottles.  The alcohol lowers blood sugar while the chocolate raises it in small amounts.

Watched an episode of Shark Tank. They have replaced the quiet guy in the grey suit with a quiet, scary-looking guy not in a suit. One of the tankees is this built-like-a-brick-tank farmer with a modest handlebar mustache, looking for a small investment in his "tree teepee". It's just an inverted planter with a hole in the top and a maybe a slit on the side which gets placed around the base of a sapling to save irrigation water while doing a more thorough job of watering the tree. He makes $1 each on them, selling by the thousands to large nurseries in a 4-county area in Florida. He came looking for a simple investment so he could meet the orders he figures he'll get in that small area. The sharks kept battering him with questions about how would he expand this nation-wide, why doesn't he charge more, etc. He was a deer in the headlights. He had no concept of growing the business larger than just himself, in his corner of FL, where he knows there are years of job security for him, selling something affordable for the farmers which immediately saves them money. Scary guy Got It, and gave him the deal he had asked for.

Dinner was a Salisbury steak combo from Healthy Choice, which was just about enough. I adjusted my insulin down accordingly.

Some time today I packed the last of the 78s into a small box, and put all the things into the "top of piano" box which were on top of the piano and did not need to be handy, but there's not enough in there to seal it up yet.

Took out the Bar Mitzvah album, was disappointed that the "money shot" was not in there, I searched for it in my office, but it probably was already packed with the other old photos. Scanned in a cute picture of baby sister (4+ years old) fixing my corsage and middle sister (9+) toasting with huge wine goblet, and a couple of B&Ws, one of big sister (14+) shaking her finger at me as I pour myself a shot of Jack Daniels, and one of me playing my trumpet with the band. That is a less than stellar memory. I expected to play a solo, but the band tried to improvise on a song they knew in another key at a different tempo, and not very well. I'm pretty sure the main reason I got up to play was to audition for the junior high school band director. He had been the elementary school band director, but I dropped out of band when I left grade school. Or maybe before.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe more packing

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