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Feels like it's an hour later


I should be packing, but the urgency is just not there. Maybe I'll do a box or two after I write this.

Woke up to the smell of cat shit. Kaan had pooped next to the bed, on the side I don't get up from. Maybe I will surrender him, after all. Good thing I have a carpet steamer. Actually, I think I need to have it repaired, one of the brushes broke off. Anyhow, I changed both the litterboxes before going to work.

Lots of work done at work. Lunch was at Jake's across from Fremont HS in Sunnyvale. Awful location at the wrong end of a strip mall between a dance/music school and a martial arts school. Philly cheese steak was excellent. Good fries, too. Went there because it is at the other end of the mall from the nails place. I had not made an appointment because the last three times I did Michelle did not show up in time and someone less talented did my nails. I figured if I showed up later, I'd get her again. Nope, she took the day off. Oh well. No manicure.

The escrow broker called, turns out Allstate quoted me too low a rate, they left out flood insurance. But it is still less than the escrow company rate, so I don't know why they were asking me which one I wanted.

Someone had hacked my Barnes&Noble account and tried to buy a $300 gift card, and when that bounced they tried for a $150 card. That bounced too because the credit cards I had on file had been closed a long time ago. I emailed them telling them to delete my account, they emailed back and said to call their customer support number. After 5 minutes on hold and three transfers, nobody knew how to do that. I'd already removed the cards, changed my password and changed my address to something bogus in Thailand, but I don't want my name in their files. This afternoon I got canned email saying they had been hacked. :-(

My last project at work required me to watch ESPN, and I was very surprised they were at Stanford. So I turned that on when I got home. I watched the game until Oregon scored a touchdown, which was way late, after halftime. I don't know who was in those yellow helmets, but is wasn't the team which ran up 40+ points a game for 8 games. Or was it 7? Whatever. Stanford did not play that much better.

Did some laundry, was getting low on shirts.

Dinner was chow mien and orange chicken left over from yesterday's lunch. dessert a sliced banana with chocolate sauce.

Plans for tomorrow:

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