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Early Word Catches the Birm?

Spoonerizing, I am.

Just a quick summary of today so far before I catch the rest of the UW-CO game.

Another early morning low blood sugar episode, 67. This time I had Klondike bars in stock, which makes recovery easy. A note to those who don't know this, I wear dentures, I take them out at night, so my cure needs to be something which can be eaten toothless. Ice cream which doesn't have solid bits in it, liquids, but not the glucose tablets I use for daytime - they need to be chewed. Orange juice (for those who are Steel Magnolias alumni) is a horrible fix - way too acid, not hardly enough fructose, and it takes too long to drink. Bad for the stomach and kidneys, too.

But I got to sleep in, so I was okay when I was ready to hit the road. Drove to MV and found the movers' office, and am a little nervous because the place has no signage, its windows are blocked by mirrored tinting film, and at 11 am it was locked.

Went to UPS, picked up a package - a gig bag for my uke. On the way, the Humane Society called (not all of it, just one person) and she said they have put Kaan on the surrender list, and be sure he has all his shots. Which means, she said, the FVRCP. Kaan had his rabies shot last month.

Starbucks to kill time, much scenery to look at and admire.

Library, donated a shopping bag's worth of books, and checked in the Neil Gaiman audio book. It's on my iPod anyway. Heard a talk by a master gardener about low-water-use plants which UC Davis has identified as good choices for California's climate. Davis is a lot more extreme than Sunnyvale, though. The presenter was easily side-tracked by questions, and there was very little specific information in the talk. She mentioned some local demonstration gardens which I already have been to, and have not been particularly impressed by because they are not gardens as much as randomly thrown together plants.

But there is a booklet of the 100 most recommended and the UCD web site has a lot of good stuff, she said.

Home, packed up one book case minus a handful of glassed framed items which need packing material I had been hoping to get this morning.

Called the mover, and it's a 1-person operation, he said he will be there tomorrow, but call ahead. I'll see if I can order materials online from him.

Had an early dinner/late lunch, sausages, string beans, corn, pickles while I watched Utah not quite beat AZ.

I should be able to finish packing the second book case tonight, which will only leave the 2-drawer chest of CD/DVD blanks, the albums of computer CDs/DVDs and the things which are still needed until just before the move.

Plans for tomorrow:
MV in the morning, movers
Kaan to Petco @ 2 pm for his Feline-more-initials shot
Pack up most of my T-shirts. They make good padding, so I'll leave a stack for that and another stack for wearing. I generally wear T-shirts on weekends and real shirts weekdays.

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