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Here and There

No low Hgl this morning. Yay!. But this new insulin is not handling the dawn syndrome so my pre-breakfast readings are way too high.

Up early, figured that 40 minutes was worth trying to sleep, and the alarm woke me at 7. No shower because I didn't want to re-open the cut on my finger, but the hasty bandaging job had to go, I needed to cut it off, and then iodined it and bandaided it.

Work - team meeting was interesting, one of the team had automated our ad insertion server simulator. In Plain English: a program which plays ads during the TV show. His demo didn't work, I tried it at my desk and found a handful of mistakes. But he did a lot of work to get that far, so props to him.

Spent the day finding and verifying old bug fixes. Most of them were easy to test. Some would have been easy if the person who filed the bug had included a screen shot, and had written a more descriptive title.

Lunchtime I followed the GPS to the closest to work U-Haul, but it turned out to be a gas station which sometimes (not today) acts as a drop-off point for U-haul vehicles. They had no supplies. Will try a known good one tomorrow. After that wild goose chase I went to Bennigan's for lunch. Big salad, and of course the main dish arrived way too soon, and even then it was not as hot as it should have been. They called it "drunken pot roast" but they use wine, not the hard stuff, so that's lame. For dessert I ordered the pineapple upside-down cake which is FAIL with extra FAILsauce. Picture a martini glass, filled halfway with canned crushed pineapple in heavy syrup, a slice of pound cake stuck into it from the side, with the other side taken up by a squirt of whipped cream. There was supposed to be rum in it, but there wasn't. Awkward to eat, had to keep dipping the cake into the pineapple. At lest this time the service was good, but I would have been happier if they had not seated the couple with the LOUD CHILD across the aisle from me. There were dozens of empty tables elsewhere.

The eBay item sold for $15 more than the low bid price. It was a major project to get it to fit into USPS "large" flat rate box with enough bubble wrap to protect it. I'll drop it off tomorrow.

Got a reply from the Terrible Adult Chamber Orchestra, their next meeting is 11/27, which I'll go to if I'm not up to my ears in moving. Otherwise the last Sunday in December, if they don't cancel because of the holler days.

Watched a fairly exciting last quarter of football, and also managed to get my laptop working with the new company's VPN. Reading the directions helped. I had emailed them to my personal address, but had forgotten that they would show up on the laptop's email download.

Today's packing accomplishment was topping off the "top of the piano" box, which has been sitting next to the piano since the last move, with the beads from my NOLA art hanging, two other items hanging on the livingroom walls, a piece of art bought at Westercon66, one of my two Microsoft Windows beach towels, and a book I was going to auction at BASFA until I remembered how horrible the auctions have been lately.

I forgot about "There". A long time ago an acquaintance from a Usenet group asked for volunteers to beta test There.com, a virtual world. I became a lifetime charter member, but never got the hang of the place and eventually stopped going. After a while There.com was shut down because the acquaintance decided to focus on DoD contracts which used this technology. Linden Labs did a better job with 2nd Life, and most There users switched over.

Today I got email that There.com was back, and I was still a charter (free) member.

Small world story - that acquaintance later married a friend from theater, and is a major supported of her Dragon Productions little theater in Redwood City.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pack a little more.
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