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No humping was observed today. Pity.

Took out garbage to start my day. Work was slow, came to a total halt when two people whose accents were difficult to understand and who spoke way too quickly have us a 90-minute unstructured demo of an extremely complicated product which we have a piece of in our lab. As usual, someone turned off the lights and th glare from the projection blinded me. That combination puts me to sleep. My folks insisted on always having the lights on when we watched TV, and I still can't stand looking at a monitor or screen in the dark, except for movies. Go figure.

Lunchtime was taken up with a trip to U-Haul to get some dish and glass pack kits, and a couple of picture boxes. My only packing today was assembling a picture box and loading all my framed temple runnings, two lazy susans and a couple of framed posters. It still needs a lot of filler, probably will raid the t-shirt or cutoffs rack in the bedroom. I had bought 3 sets of picture corners, but they don't work for multiple pictures.

Plans for tomorrow:
Automation guy is going to drive us to Redwood City so we can have lunch with his wife and she can do my nails. We have met a few times before.
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