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Busy morning, not so busy day

10 am I was at the mobile home park, there was only one initial and two signatures to do. Rent amount was less than I remembered but more than the pre-sale paperwork from the real estate agent said. Hers forgot the mandatory rent increase for a change of tenant (yes, my city actually requires this!). It took abnout half an hour to be filled in on Stuff, and I was given a welcome packet which included a lot of useful information and a totally useless pamphlet on flood survival and another one on earthquake survival which would be useful had I not already survived two of them.

I found out where guest parking is located, it's closer to the unit than I thought, but there isn't much of it. Not that I'm going to throw any parties.

From there to the library to return a couple of DVDs. They have a 1-week non-renewable, non-reservable policy on those, which sucks. They also don't alphabetize the DVDs on the shelves except by the first letter. Star Wars can be next to Sandman which can be next to Szwanaland. Not fun because there are two sections of "S" in back to back sections. The last time I was there some bozo was sitting on one of those round step stools pulling out the S DVDs one by one, browsing. Took him 20 minutes and he didn't walk away with any.

Lucky's, stocked up on TV dinners, restocked Breyers' thin mints ice cream and bought a whole Black Forest cake. Sometimes they sell them by the piece but today it was German chocolate cake in the little plastic cubes. And then World Oil for gas. Cheap as Costco but little or no line.

Home, emailed a copy of the lease to the mfg rep asst., made a TV dinner for lunch, sort of watched some football, but none of the games I was interested were on. Packed two medium boxes of T-shirts. There are enough left for the next 3 weeks, and then some. I also packed up the CPAP I haven't used in months (it came with a handy carrying case) and will try to return it next week.

Took a nap (it was a late night last night). Domino joined me for a while, but left when Kaan joined us.

Got to Sundance Steakhouse 20 minutes early for my 8:30 reservation, the hostess said to wait until 8:30, then they would have my table ready. There is noplace to wait in their non-lobby, and the bar area was full. It was chilly outside, but I waited there (read from the Kindle app on the Nexus) until 5 minutes till. Right at 8:30 they took me to the farthest table in the back.

Very low lighting, but the place was incredibly noisy. Looking around the room I was puzzled, because the architecture was made to dampen noise. But I was under the low end of the eaves, which probably focused the noise onto my side of the room.

After 5 minutes a waiter showed up, took my order and disappeared. Immediately after that, a young man in a white lab coat filled a dish with olive oil and vinegar, and went away. I saw him repeat this a few times at other tables. The cup of soup arrived 10 minutes after ordering it, and 25 minutes in they put hot bread on the table. The main dish arrived before I had finished one slice. The lobster tail was okay, but could have been more tender. The prime rib was excellent, very little waste on it. Not enough horseradish sauce, and no waiter in sight to ask for more.

It took about an hour to finish, my waiter only checked in with me once. It was 5 minutes after I'd finished that he noticed, and the check arrived. Another 5 minutes to have it collected and another 5 for the credit card slip to be returned. All this slowness and lack of service reduced the tip by a lot.

Home, gave the cats their treat, made myself a poor man's egg cream and caught up with computer stuff.

Plans for tomorrow:
Change the litterboxes
Goodwill, drop off some excess kitchenware.
Coffee with Janice

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