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Might Makes Right

Switching back my home & work PCs to right-handed mouse. The elbow still hurts like heck at night, but the repetitive use injury seems to have subsided, and what I have left is probably a hairline fracture or something like it in the bone.

Escrow, round 3,281. I knew the paperwork was being Fedexed yesterday afternoon to WA, so I waited till 1 pm to call the CU for the required phone interview. toll-free number with robot answerer, 7 choices, none of them applied, hit 0, got someone who mis-heard my name but as soon as I told her I had the account # she put me right through to my rep's desk. The phone was answered by a very flustered woman who said my rep was elsewhere but could call back in a few minutes. I mean half an hour. Or probably at least an hour. I said okay, I was going to lunch, call shortly after 2.

Lunch at Carl's Jr which is nearby, I wasn't taking any chances of being back late in the massive rainfall. During my walk from the car to the door it rained about an inch.

Back by 2, at 2:10 I called back, realized they didn't tell me the extension of the person, so 0 again, this time a fill-in answered, it took a couple of holds and a couple of other people to get me to the right extension (again, they didn't say which one) and voicemail for "Pammi".  I left my name & number.

At about 3 she called back, confirmed some routine stuff, obviously had not read my file yet, and when it sounded like we were done she said I needed someone from my work to call her and confirm I worked there and my hire date. When I explained that HR is in Georgia and they all have gone home for the day, she said my manager was fine, and she or he could leave voicemail.  So at 5, when Boss was done with his last 1-on-1 of the afternoon, I hit him up, he was happy to do it, but I needed to give him my hire date since he didn't know if he could get that from our new system.

So now I wait. Again. I don't trust Pammi to get anything done in a timely fashion. Turns out the flustered woman who answered the phone that first time was her .

Spent most of work being frustrated by the non-working new laser system. At about 4 they replaced the ceiling modules and little by little the video improved. When I left, ESPN was playing a basketball game at 20 Mbps, only 3 continuity errors, slight jitter which I would not have noticed if I was Joe Customer. Better than the hard-wired cable. But the truth is I think they could have made that same upgrade on the router in the lab and improved the performance on the original cable.

Home by regular 40 mph roads, lots of slow traffic, not as much stupidity as there would have been on the expressway. There was only one intersection where I got caught because the people up ahead were nearsighted and thought they needed, at a full stop, to keep 6 car lengths behind the car in front of them. Lasix, people.

Nothing on Tivo, so I watched news and also that Simon Cowell + 3 brainless women alleged talent show. I watched some boy named Levi (he looked more like a Benjamin, definitely not a Cohen), dressed like Michael Jackson on a budget, forced to do a murderously slow rendition of something I have already forgotten, mostly packed into a UK phone booth with 6 white male "dancers" dressed as Bobbies, doing some inane and distracting routine on both sides of the box. The kid has a beautiful voice, but the song was less than an octave range, the arrangement did not allow him to belt or show off his range, and even though he did some great dance moves in the BS leading up to his stage gig, he didn't dance at all on stage. A total waste of his talent, and the huge cheer he got was because he's cute.

Switched it off as soon as the first airhead started praising him like he was the next MJ. He may be, but not tonight.

Dinner was TV turkey w/stuffing and a couple of chocolate chunk cookies.

After the news, turned the TV off, did some housekeeping & packing. Put the accumulated cardboard in a big black trash bag, hauled a huge pack of about 86 rolls of Costco TP out of the bedroom closet, and also pulled out the trash bag from the livingroom can. Took all three out to the dumpster, threw way the trash but parked the TP (it's all wrapped in plastic within plastic) near the dumpster in a dry spot. Someone is bound to find it useful. Lots of tenants have kids. And we also have dumpster divers who visit regularly.

Back to the bedroom closet, filled two medium boxes with my makeup kits, a mostly-working camcorder, binoculars, slide projector two pairs of shoes and my three attaché cases. Also discovered in the back on a low shelf was my 50 states US quarters set and a shoebox containing my dad's collection of dimes, all wrapped in rolls he made out of notebook paper because he was a Child of the Depression and it never occurred to him that any bank would have given him coin wrappers for free. They are labeled by year, mint and condition. It includes Mercury dimes. Quite a few rolls of them, but mostly in "time to melt them down" condition. I had planned to take them to a coin shop a year ago, but never got around to it, and hid them out of sight.

So here I am, will do some facebooking and read some more Kindle, and try to get some sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:

Work from home till the apartment inspectors are done. 10-1 is the window this time. If they don't show up, I will be sending a very nasty nastygram to Corporate.
Football. Saints vs Falcons, should be a good game.
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