Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Los Pintors

I'm stuck upstairs as they paint the front door. It opens inward, and the small space between the bottom of the stairs and the door is taken up by the painter and a piece of cardboard onto which lots of black paint is dripping. Drop cloths are for wussies,  I guess. They were not supposed to paint the door if it was going to rain, and it sure looks like rain to me, but so far it's only threatening.

The cats and their food, water and litterbox are locked out on the patio. They have a recliner, a bathroom rug and a sheepskin rug so they should be okay. That part of the patio is covered, so they won't get rained on.

This morning I went to the apartment office and picked up a gift shipment of tea from crowblog (who doesn't seem to have logged in here since she first set up the account). Then it was off to MicroCenter to find some reasonably priced software with which to shred the four hard drives in the old PC, so I can sell them on eBay. I chose the 35-pass version, followed by "fill with all-zeros" and for the four drives in there, a total of 114473 MB,  it's going to take more than 5 days. That's fine, the PC is in a corner out of the way and to me it's worth the time to get this done right.

Will be selling the motherboard/CPU and probably the RAM, though I may need to give 1GB of the 2GB in there to a friend, if it fits her PC. All this stuff works fine, I just got the "need to upgrade" bug. The original plan was to simply put the old motherboard and stuff in a new case, but I figured that since the hardest part of changing cases is installing the motherboard, I may as well buy a new motherboard. The case wasn't tall enough, so I ended up buying another one. So this morning while the disks started wiping I took that case, mounted the fans and 400W power supply in it, and stuck it in the closet. Anyone need a case?

Painters are done, door needs to stay open to help it dry for 3 hours. And of course now it is raining. Went out on the patio to play with the cats, will change the kitty litter next time I'm down there. And pop something from Netflix into the DVD player.

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