Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Eventful Day

Team meeting this morning devolved into the New Guy holding forth for an hour on how he thinks the system should be changed so that the task he volunteered to do would be more of a no-brainer. The task is to review automation scripts to verify they actually test what they are supposed to. This has been a problem lately because the scripts are mostly written in India by engineers whose English syntax is different from ours, and whose understanding of the product is not nearly as deep. The first 5 minutes were useful, the rest was not. He repeats himself a lot.

After the meeting I got the ad insertion guru to help me figure out a test which had me stumped, and he gave me enough clues to fix the main problem (ad server was not connecting with my machine) but I'll need him to make a change in the ad server because right now it is set to ignore the signal from the incoming video which triggers an ad to play. I'm testing  a new feature where the machine sends a signal to the operator when an ad is played.

Got email from the company which brokered my loan and escrow service that escrow has closed, and a call from mfg rep that she is not in her office, but the keys would be there late afternoon. I told her I would pick them up tomorrow lunchtime when she's in.

Lunchtime sat in my car for half an hour talking on the phone with my aunt. The built-in bluetooth is a lot easier than holding onto the phone. She is a bit out of it, her husband died recently and she is not in the best of health either, and winter has already come to NYC. She hasn't read email in weeks, didn't know I'd sent messages. I'll have to phone her more often.

Had a quick bite at the Korean buffet.

Went online and did the Comcast chat thing to put in my move order, and the foreigner who "helped" kept trying to upsell me services I don't want or need. He finally got it that I have all my own equipment, and all they need to do is be ready for me to call to activate it. He was supposed to send me email confirmation, but he probably spelled my name wrong.

Home, watched the Tivo recording in progress of the 49er game, FF through commercials and muting the sound when the announces babbled. Took a break at halftime to do some high finance on the PC, and had a small dinner during the second half, when things started to click for the home team. It really helped to have their star tackler out of rehab, and the world class receiver they stole from the coach's brother's team back from his early-season injury.

I had some time so I powered up the PC an printed a USPS label for the boxette of NASA swag I am sending my great-nephew back east. I also did the USPS change of address thing. Tried to do the DMV one, but they won't let yiou post-date it. I'll wait till next week for that I think. If I don't have to go in person, I'll ask for a new driver's license because I just got one with my now-old address two weeks ago.

Got to the theater at 9:30 for the 3D Dr Who special, and the place was already packed. I had not idea the fan base was so big here, especially for a night show on a school/work night. The projectionist was out to lunch, they played kiddie trailers in 2D, then the stupid AMC pre-show animation kept repeating. Then the screen went blank at a little after 10 for the 20 minutes they should have been playing 3D trailers.

But that was made up for by [Spoiler (click to open)] a hilarious pre-show "turn off your phones and shut up" sequence starring one of the more dangerous looking Dr Who bad guys. Who revealed that popcorn feels pain. Then there was more pre-show childishness with Tenant and Smith doing odd things with sonic screwdrivers.

I'll have to check my Tivo recording, but the start of the actual show was different in the movie version, I think. Much more background and setup and views of London. The rest of the show was the same, but 3D added a lot. After the closing credits they went right into a "making of" short, which had a couple of bloopers but all in all was pretty shoddy, obviously done as an after-thought.

When it was done the screen went blank but the lights didn't come one. I hung around for 5 minutes just in case, but there was obviously no on tending the booth. Those of us who had it used the phone's flashlight app to find our way out.

Home, gave the cats half-rations of their treat because Domino has been barfing and then eating what Kaan leaves over. Kaan shouldn't be getting enough to leave over.

Plans for tomorrow
Pick up the keys
Visit the new home with a tape measure and my Nexus with a floor plan app.
Check out the outsoor sheds
See if the satellite dish has been removed
Check if the toilet has been re-seated. (that's the one thing on the repairs list I was paying for)
Make sure the washer/dryer wasn't removed. Confirm that there's a disposal. (those were not checked on the inspector's list)
Back to work.
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