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Eventful Day. I Can Haz A Home

Another day of waking up with the alarm, and getting to work early, despite making a PNB&J sandwich and packing some kippers for lunch. I marked time until 1 by playing two hours of a 6-hour IPv6 class (recorded a couple of years ago by what was than a rival company, which now lives in our building). The It s a very complex subject, the next generation of Internet addressing which should have gone into effect 20 years ago, but politics...

The instructor knows his stuff, and he knows how to communicate it, but the class members keep interrupting with Stating The Obvious questions. For instance, teacher shows a slide which clearly says an address which starts with a 0 is a broadcast, and three students in a row ask "you mean to say an address which starts with a 0 is a broadcast?" but instead of just saying "I just said that" or "shut up you idiot" he spends 15 minutes explaining that an address which starts with a 0 is a broadcast. So what should have been a half-day class turns into 6 hours. And to make life interesting, each tape lasts an hour and 2 minutes, so the subjects and session numbers don't line up.

1 pm, drove to the mfg, got the keys from the rep, who said she tried to call yesterday but got voicemail., She wanted to ask me if I wanted to keep the 10-ton Sony 52-inch CRT TV which the seller left behind. I had just changed my message to include my work number, so another communications FAIL on her part.

Drove straight to the house, tried the keys, discovered a few rude things:
- The key labeled "small shed" had no lock to go with it. The small shed's flimsy metal doors are bent out of shape and don't quite close.
- One of the three deadbolts doesn't lock. Striker plate is out of alignment.
- The huge TV takes up 1/4 of the office/study
- The seller left a Jesus decal on the window of the door facing the carport 
- She also left a Jesus affirmation calligraphy painted above the study door. I will have to take a photo next time, before I paint over it.
- The large shed is damp inside. Probably has a leaky roof. I may need to have both sheds removed and a new one installed.
- They didn't steam clean the carpet, so there are a lot of indents where furniture was
- She took down the pot rack which had been suspended from the kitchen ceiling, along with the hooks.

And some nice things:
- There are two cable outlets in all the rooms where I want them. No more 100-foot cable runs.
- There are even more AC outlets, including at least three weatherproof ones on the outsides
- The door facing the carport has an electric deadbolt lock which can open with either a key or a keypad code. She left the code and instructions for changing it on the washing machine
- There are shades or curtains on all the windows. Windows facing the neighbor's car port are frosted.
- Outdoor lamps are on photo-sensitive electric eyes

And the place is huge with enormous amounts of closet and cabinet space. I will probably make the second bathroom into the litterbox room, since the shower doesn't have a curtain or a way to hang one. I suppose I can buy a rod.

I was planning on doing some measurements, but decided that can wait till Turkey Day.

In the mailbox was the escrow title paper. In the newspaper tube was my first month's rent+utilities bill.

Back to work, ate my sandwich and kippers and a couple of cookies while watching the second half of the 5th hour of IPv6 and the first half of #6. Chatted with Automation Guy in between. He said he also had "what am I doing?" feelings when he bought his house.

Humane Society called, they are ready to take Kaan back. After some brainstorming, we made the appointment for tomorrow at noon. Better sooner than later, and he may make it to the Petco where I adopted him in time for the Friday rush.

Now that the new place is a reality, I started the change of address thing. Kaiser, DMV for starters (already did USPS). I wanted a new driver's license with the new address but apparently they don't do that anymore, but they do have a free senior ID for which I am eligible, so I made an appointment to get one. First opening they had was December 20. Jeez. I took it.

Stopped off at Lucky's for paper towels, ended up also getting bananas, frozen dinners and lactose-free egg nog.  Then to Lowe's for a paint roller kit and some blue paint for that Jesus writing on the wall. And completely forgot to buy door locks. Lowe's is right across the street from the apartment,  I can do that any time. Maybe I'll get coded deadbolts all around.

Home, printed a check for the rent, but it took three tries. First time I had the short name for the park, second time I noticed the checks have my apartment address so I went into Check Designer and updated that.

Also updated my calling card design with the new address, a slightly changed motto (Instant Gratification While You Wait), and removed Palmistry and replaced it with Witticisms. Also nuked the G+ logo which was on the back. Printed 50 of them.

Watched an episode of Shark Tank. Boston Market TV dinner, beef and mash. Domino stared at me from the floor the whole meal.

Printed two sheets of return address labels. Kaan managed to get himself shut in the closet for a couple of hours when I went in to get blank label sheets.

Middle sister forwarded my eldest nephew's eulogy for his dad, roughly translated from the Hebrew. There were some Kleenex moments, but not nearly as many as Ben deserved. Nephew made it all about himself. Well not all, but too much. IMHO.
Plans for tomorrow:
Finish listening to the class via VPN, work from home in the morning
Take Kaan to the Humane Society by noon. His bed, blanket, favorite toy and half a case of the canned food (large cans) which they had recommended for him (but he didn't like) are in the car. His paperwork is in a folder on the stand by the door. Carrier is open, in the livingroom. He has been curled up in it from time to time but I know he'll need to be poured into it when we need to go.
Maybe someone will call me to the house to open it so they can haul out the TV
Buy a couple more door locks.

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