Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sleepy...side effect of this morning's insomnia and a lot of hard work

I had no idea how inept I was at installing a door lock. You have to be psychic. You have to line up the two screw holes on the outside handle with the ones on the inside handle, but they refuse to line up once you get the keyed rod through the latch mechanism.

My other FAIL was lighting the furnace pilot light. The description on the furnace doesn't seem to match the actual light. It put out the lit miatches as soon as I stuck them where I thought they were supposed to go.

Half a fail was painting over the Affirmation. I had some lovely deep blue paint, but the calligraphy turns out to be raised above the surface. Five coats was a good start, but I need something more opaque, thicker. My step ladder is too short, so it's also kinda messy.

The first thing I did was a success. Jesus has been peeled off the door window. So has some of the paint but it's ugly paint. I also managed to air out the big shed and put a lock on the small shed. That small shed is rusty and bent, it needs to be removed. I'll have to call some of the places advertising in the community magazine.

The shades on two of the windows are twice as long as they need to be. Stupid me measured the length, forgot to measure the width. Will do that tomorrow before going to Lowe's. I have two keypad door locks to return and two "dummy" door handles. I may end up having to call a locksmith to change the locks. I was able to change the code on the side door keypad lock. But it still opens with the original key.

And there is landscaping to be done, but not this season. Lots of bark chips which I hate, which ought to be replaced by sod or ice plant.

The community center was open this morning, so I was able to drop the rent in the slot in the office door. Have to wait till 12/1 to pay the rent on the apartment, to make sure they really have taken me off the auto-pay.

I was there from about 10 till 12:30, came home and watched some football, and had lunch. Domino sat on my lap and on the arms of the recliner and followed me around a lot.

Back to the house with a vacuum cleaner, because a harvest knick knack hanging over the kitchen door disintegrated when I took it down.  Also brought a pair of butane fireplace lighters. Put another coat of paint on the Affirmation, tried again with the keypad installation, tried again with the furnace, but even with the long lighters could not locate the pilot light.

I took lots of photos of the place, which are on Flickr here.

Here's a photo from the front:

Here's Jesus "before"

And after:

And the Affirmation, before (I don't have "after because it needs work):

I left at about 5 when the light started to go.

The Mexican grocery was open and there was no place to park so I stopped off at the Mexican-Arab market a mile down the road.

 Needed onions for the seasoning and limes for my home made limeade. I think it is insane for supermarkets to be closed on the one day of the year everyone needs something they ran out of or forgot for the T-day dinner.

Watched the Raiders game as Tivo recorded it. They kind of gave it away, Dallas was not that good.

I don't like most turkey meat, but I do like drumsticks, so I had defrosted a pair last night and this afternoon it went into a glass roasting pan with a lot of other stuff, 350° for what ended up being just short of 2 hours. Made seasoning in a saucepan on the stove top, from a mix which needed butter (I used margarine), chopped celery & onions, and I added chopped walnuts. And it called for water or broth so I made chicken bullion. Came out great.

Very sleepy, will take my meds and go to bed soon.

Plans for tomorrow:
To the house, measure the curtain width, Photo the furnace, maye I can find The Truth online
Lowe's, return stuff
Home Despot, buy stuff, ask about shed removal.
Back to the house, paint some more, replace two keyed door knobs with unkeyed ones.
Move a cabinet.

Maybe see Ender's Game.

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