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Mister Eclectic

Storage Wars and 50 shades of grey Saturday

This morning's Big Project was gathering up all the packages of syringes and insulin pen needles and CO2 cartridges which I don't use anymore and Hazmatting them. Also took a glass door which has been sitting next to the entertainment center, because it just gets in the way.

Next big project was taking the three suitcases I never use, Mom's luggable sewing machine which I have tried without success to give to costumer friends, and put those in the car.

Then I pulled all my suits out of the closet, and made a pile on the bed of the ones which don't fit. This included, much to my displeasure, the dark blue silk one I had made in Bangkok on my last trip and wore to the ambassador's party. Actually they took our jackets as soon as we entered, so I only wore it en route. And I went through my costumes, Elvis stayed in his garment bag and went straight to the dumpster. I did not wish the shower of gold sparkles on anyone. Kept my blue scrubs, but the green ones and the ghost ones went onto the pile, along with a garish blue velvet faux Renn blouse. Kept the striped coveralls and train engineer shirt & cap. And a black shirt which fits and has a train logo, from the gift shop at PDX I think. Put all the clothes into a big black trash bag, added that to the load in the trunk. Also from the storage room was Domino's old carrier. It's in good shape but needs the outside cleaned.

Made an appointment to have my nails done at 2, and went off to Goodwill.

Goodwill wouldn't take the cat carrier, but they accepted the rest.

I was heading for the new place, but Home Despot was on the way so I stopped in there to see if they had re-keyable locks. They did, but each on was $35 while a whole set of 2 deadbolts + 2 keyed door knobs all using the same key was $23. I was forced to decide quickly, because of the Jesus music. I will not be returning to that store until next year. We are talking 1960's vocals of the most blatant Christmasness. Joy to the World-ish stuff. What Child Is This? I wasn't alone, I nearly got run over by a woman in a sari pushing her palette with a large appliance on it as fast as she could toward the exit.

Now I was hungry, the apartment was on the way, so I made a Meatish Swedeballs TV dinner, petted Domino and then went for the manicure. They made me wait for 15 minutes, and even though my Michelle was there, she passed me off to not-so-good Jennifer or Jessica or J something, who did the worst job ever. My fingers still hurt.

From there to U-haul, long slow line to get packing paper and plastic wrap.

Next stop, the new place. Dropped off the locks, checked the mailbox (in it were two pieces of junk plus a set of pages from the mortgage CU.) Looked on the porch and picked up the Amazon box which had been delivered. This was a test, and they passed. It means I can let the UPS box expire whenever it does that.

Back to the apt., did some stuff online, watched Stanford try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and fail. Flipped back and forth between that game and USC-UCLA where the Trojans managed to succeed at that. They didn't use enough protection.

Looked at the calendar, it started sinking in that the move is IN LESS THAN A WEEK! and took my butt back to the storage room, and stuffed three boxes with camping gear, and broke down the rack it had been parked on. A big part of that was wrestling with a huge tarp, which needed to be folded properly to fit into a box at all. There were two more tarps already folded well enough. The tent and the picnic canopy are too large for the boxes I have, but they have handles so don't really need to be packed away.

Gave Domino her kitty crack while I indulged in a chocolate muffin, then assembled a file box and put most of the contents of the top file drawer in it & taped it shut, parked it in the livingroom by the other boxes. Repeated for all of the 3rd and 4th drawers. The first few files in the top are postage things which I may yet need, and the second drawer is all my current files, it will take 2 boxes and can wait till the day before the move.

I also pulled out the Red File which has all the paperwork around buying the house. That will go to the new place tomorrow.

An one last trip to the dumpster, with an elderly, el cheapo carpet steamer which I had asked the movers last time to toss out, but they just moved it instead. It has been sitting on the patio for more than a year.

Called my Baltimore sister, got her voicemail. Forgot she had gone to see her sis-in-law in a production of Hairspray. Her husband's wife is DDG, talented and smart. If only she wasn't married...

Called my Olympic Peninsula sister, we chatted for about an hour. Lots to talk about.

Plans for tomorrow:
New place:
- install the new deadbolts
- Re-wind the one too-tight window shade
- Show Janice around (sometime in the early afternoon)
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