Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

The more practice I got, the easier it was to change the locks. The Secret™ with deadbolts is to keep the key in the outside lock to hold it in place. And following the directions also works. Victory, I now have the two front doors with new deadbolts which open with the same key, and two knobs which don't lock. Each door only needs to be locked once.

First thing this morning, though, I refilled my weekly meds dispenser, left that and a week's worth of syringes and sharps container, and packed all my remaining meds from the kitchen shelf and brought them with me to the new place. They are now in about the same place in that kitchen.

Janice came over around 2, loved the place, especially the high ceilings and brightness. I knew she would like the bath tub. After the tour she drove us to the Fresh&Easy/Specialty's down the block but it had a Peet's not a Starbucks, so we looked up the closest one online and it was the Batcave, on the other side of 101. There really needs to be one on the east side, now that all those apartments have gone up.

Back to the house, I locked up and as I drove away, it seems to me my lime tree was not there. Grrrr.

Back to the apt, watched the 49ers game on Tivo. Now that The Season is upon us, I really need to FF past the commercials. No more radio either, except for non-commercial ones. Not PBS because they go all Jesusy in their programming.

At halftime and the 2-minute warning I took packing breaks. All the files are packed except the ones which postage and address labels. The last carton had enough room in it for some postal odds and ends. Packed all the breakable and Corelleware dishes. Filled a glasspack with most of my small booze collection, and most of the liquid-in-glass items. Wine bottles and Bacardi were too tall for the box, Sabra liquor and Canadian Crest were too fat. I also tossed some mostly empty decorative  bottles. Which reminds me I need to run the dishwasher, which will finish the box of glassware.

After dinner, the cabinet with the blank CDs/DVDs and ink cartridges got packed, and some postal stuff fit in there. I tried to squeeze in the contents of the desk drawer, but it didn't fit, will have to build one more box for that. Probably a medium sized box so I can also put in the rest of the postal stuff, and maybe things from the office closet which don't have handles.

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA w/some auction items
Maybe some more packing

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