Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Now That I'm Caught Up

The office part of the home office is now fully functional. I still need to unpack stuff into the closet to make room for the file cabinet, so I can unpack the files.

Went to a talk/demo on 3D printing. The local library has a printer available for public use, but it takes 3 hours just to print a cereal bowl. The lamp shade I had in mind would need several 3-hour sessions. The guy who gave the talk knew his stuff, and a lot of other people's stuffs. There's a cell printer which can make hamburgers. Or body parts. There are big ones which used powdered metals - Airbus is looking at using one to build a jet. The one at the library only uses ABS, which would melt if you poured boiling water on it. Great gag gift - a personalized 3D printed coffee mug. :-)

The librarian in charge of the printer is a hottie.

Had lunch at Denny's before the talk, then made a Safeway run after the talk, because part of preparing to move was the on-purpose running out of foodstuffs.

Next stop, the old apt. Nothing in the mailbox, which probably means they have started forwarding stuff. Rescued 3 big lazy Susans, and a hand soap dispenser. Decided to leave behind the two huge jugs of refill soap because I already have one from under the bathroom sink.

Dropped off the keys at the apartment office, which I thought would be closed by then. Nice to hand them to a person instead of a mail slot. So, I am done with the old place. Yay!

Home, unloaded the car, loaded the freezer & fridge. Just barely able to close the freezer. 

Continued unpacking the kitchen, got all the glasses and cups put away and all the "liquid in glass". After I write this I will probably restore the three drawers of kitchen items which were somewhat randomly thrown into a box. Also put all the garbage cans in their places, and installed plastic bags in them. Makes a big difference.

Dinner was some beef thing from Boston Market. Domino kept staring at me. I gave her the plate to lick, she went at it for a few minutes then climbed one of the cat trees to groom herself.

Flipped between the Stanford and Ohio State games.

Gave the kitten her crack, and gave myself some mint chocolate cookie and butter pecan ice cream. Just in time, I was going low on blood sugar, all this exercise does that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Maybe try out the bath tub
Tevye and His Daughters at the JCC, maybe
Not sure if I'm getting together with Janice, she is going to see Mame at Hillbarn, which will be over-choreographed. As in there will be too many dance numbers and they will be too long.
More unpacking, of course

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