Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of Mon

Was up on time, got to work early because I forgot to sit down at the PC. It's been on all day, which I don't like because it eats power and heats the room quite a bit. I blame the chaos which is moving for throwing off my routine. And Domino following me around yelling at me. If I'm home but out of her sight, she might do her "I am so alooooooone!" yowl. Tres annoying.

Team meeting was another case of the guy who can't shut up giving a 5-minute presentation for 45 minutes. He and another team member had done a good job with a difficult project, and it only needed one Excel spreadsheet to explain it.

Not much to do except read the spec doc. I'm up to about page 70 out of 335.

Lunch was at Round Table, once again I forgot that a personal pizza is the size I can eat in one sitting. The small pizza is significantly more expensive for not significantly more food. The leftovers are in the trunk of the car, where it is currently 33°.

Home after work to grab the Lowe's coupon, then to Lowe's for a wi-fi-ready electronic thermostat. Also spent way too much time not finding a replacement for the kitchen track light fixture. I want something which takes fluorescents, which screw in not those bayonet mounts. I think I'll call an electrician to handle that. Need one to figure out why the 2nd bathroom light bank isn't lighting.

Watched some of the football game, it was interesting to see Da Bears clobber Dallas. Apparently this week more points were scored in the NFL than ever before. This despite worse weather in many placed than ever this time of year. I don't know which Thursday's points go into that stat.

Did some minimal packing in the office, most of it stuff which the movers should have put inside the closet but left in a closed garment box.They were supposed to take all the garment boxes with them.

A few minutes ago I figured out where the file cabinet will go. I'll move it there after I finish this, and maybe unload the file boxes into it.

Cut up the leftover duck. Had enough for dinner tonight + 3 more, plus bones & such for soup. All in the freezer until I get to them. Domino loves duck.

Still sore. Left knee is complaining again.

Blew off the Computer History Museum event tonight. Wanted to do the thermostat bit and watch football at home.

Plans for tomorrow:
Unpack some more
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