Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oh Poo!

Last night Domino pooped near the bedroom door. Something I did not bring from the apartment was cleaning fluid for my steam cleaner. After work I picked some up at Safeway, and as I was cleaning up that mess, she pooped in the back of the office closet. Which I did not discover until after I had emptied the steamer and put it back in the closet. Later, rinse, repeat as they say.

Makes me mad, I changed her litterbox this morning.

Work was the usual, with a data mining break because boss wanted to know how many test cases each of us had automated, which meant opening up all my old scripts and counting.

Mostly read the spec doc some more, finally seeing some things I recognize about ad insertion.

Lunchtime I remembered I had once again not gone on the PC this morning, which means it was still running. Automation Guy wanted to see the new place, so I drove us out there, then we went to Sushi Blvd which was on the way back. Weird place - they have happy hour 3 pm signs all over, but they kicked us out at 2.

Decided I needed Scharffen-Berger dark, and according to their web site the nearest place was Mountain View. So I drove out to Piazzi's, which had them on sale, and also got some Divine brand dark chocolate mint bars. And a can of comet cleanser. I was hoping to get steamer soap, but they don't carry it. They have made some huge changes since I was last there, it looks like they took over the storefront next door and expanded the cheese section into it. I think it was a failing Mt. Mike's, run by an older woman in a sari. Nothing screams Authentic Pizza like a woman in a sari.

Home, after mop-up operations I flattened all the file boxes except the two which are not empty (they have printer paper and postal stuff, not files). Put the packaging for the floor lamp back in its box and moved it to the laundry room, to be garbaged later.

Moved the plastic shelf rack from the bedroom to the office, and started populating it with postal stuff.

Finally attacked the big kitchen box of spices, and have it mostly distributed to the cabinets. Most of what is left is Asian canned ingredients (water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, baby corn, coconut milk, etc.) which go on the other side of the room. To be continued.

Automation guy says when he retires he will buy my house from me. I may have it paid off by then. BTW he gets to see the place because he has had me over at his house a few times for dinner and birthday parties.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop the car off for 5k mile maintenance
Boss' boss' group meeting
get a ride back to the dealership.
Watch some football
Unpack some more

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