Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

More Little Things

farmount called it Surgical Strike Shopping. But I started with a dull scalpel.

Bought 4 floor lamps to replace the piece-o-crap ones
My first impulse was to go to Wal*Mart, purveyor of mediocre but functional lightware. But I'd just been the Fry's the day before, and remembered they now have a major lighting section. They are about the same distance away, but in the opposite direction.

One look at the lighting section told me I had bought the piece-o-crap floor lamps there. And they were still selling them for $14 each. Similar models which looked to be better quality were $40 each, or had a built-in photo sensor which I didn't want.

My ATI All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro 128Mb AGP card had been causing problems this morning, so I decided to see it there was a newer/better model out there. There wasn't.

And while I was there I remembered they sold el-cheapo musical keyboards, which was on my shopping list. Nothing with a MIDI interface in my price range.

So I left Fry's empty-handed.

On to Wal*Mart. They had exactly what I was looking for in the way of floor lamps and light bulbs for them, except they didn't have four of the same color, and they ALL had been opened by customers. I'll take my chances. Got two white ones, a silver and a black.

Looked for a MIDI keyboard there, but they only had one over-priced Yamaha.

Took my lamps home, had a banana, worked some more on the MPEGs then went to Guitar Center
in search of a keyboard.

They have tons of them. Unfortunately, they also had many talent-less children banging on them. With the volume cranked. And they appeared to be seriously under-staffed, so nobody was available to give me clues, or to kick the children out. I looked at price tags, and nothing with both MIDI out and MIDI in was available for less than $500.

On to Starving Musician.

Same noise level, except this time it was a couple of full-grown men. One was beet red, appeared to be one of those rare people whose motor skills still work when he's drunk. He was trying out every voice on a $4,000 keyboard. The other guy only knew how to play Girl From Ipanema excruciatingly slowly, and was trying it against all the other keyboards that had drum beats or metronomes.

I finally found a $99 special. Casio CTK-491, has MIDI in and out, speakers, and should work well as both an input device and for output.

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