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Worked from home until the furnace guy arrived at about 1. Well within the 10 am - 2 pm window. He said the thermostat I'd bought would work, but was unreliable, and the one he had to sell cost less too, so I bought his. I doubt that Honeywell is less reliable than Emerson, but I didn't need the wifi anyway.

CU had sent a note last week that someone would come by to check the outside of the house. He came by just after the furnace guy left, as I was changing belts on my pants. I don't think I've lost weight, but my butt no longer hold up my pants.

Work was more spec reading. Weekly report was very short. Today's WTF is they scheduled an all hands meeting in the break room at the same time as the holiday party a couple of miles away. I may call in with eye trouble.

Home after work, discovered the new webcam wi-fi stopped working. Sending it back to Amazon, ordered a pair of white ones (need one for the office and for the side door). Also ordered body wash and toothpaste. I know you were wondering. I was going to order Fancy Feast, but the 2-day delivery was after a week's handling time. I'll get a case at Petco, everything is on sale this month.

Grabbed my uke book, trimmed the nails on my left paw and went to class. This time I was actually able to play some chords, C, Am, F,  though Em is a challenge and my fingers don't want to unbend after playing a G. Strumming is not working either, I am more comfortable using my thumb, and playing melodies a note at a time.

Stopped off at Lowe's on the way home, returned the thermostat. Then Fresh & Easy, because I needed frozen veggies for dinner and wanted to give the neighborhood grocery a chance. Very limited choices, reasonable prices, but all the aisles are self check-out. One of the staff was nice enough to bag my stuff (I brought bags) but I gathered that was not usual. The prices are not low enough for me to work for them, so I'll be only shopping there as a last resort.

For dinner I reheated some duck and sweet corn, and finished off the chocolate cookie mint ice cream. I had another low in the middle of the night, which is where much of that went. Have to lower my pre-bedtime insulin by a lot, now that I am no longer mega-stressed about the house, and am eating less.

Watched an episode of Elementary and was disappointed on many levels, but mostly that they chose to make the leading man more of an asshole than ever, when they had the chance to let him defrost. They also changed writing styles from chronological to one of discovery in no particular order. Nice try, but not well executed. 

During the day finished unpacking the last big kitchen box, and just have the one with the breakable dishes, which I will do after I write this. Also moved the big cat tree into the office, Domino gave it a try but she prefers the recliner. I also put the leopard pattern velour slipcover back onto the sofa.

Plans for tomorrow:
To-do stuff:
Take down the livingroom shades and put up the new ones
Take down the kitchen curtains and put up the new ones
Pack the car full of flattened boxes and take them to the SMART station.
Meet Janice for coffee 3:30, earlier than our usual
Hang the transporter room somewhere. Probably next to the sofa.
Put up the curtain rod & curtain in the guest bathroom
Obtain a small set of drawers for the main bathroom closet. Reverse sides (I set up everything by the sink near the shower, because the movers had blocked the one near the door. Turns out the light above the one near the shower is broken.
Call an electrician. Need to have the bathroom light, one bedroom outlet fixed and the kitchen light replaced. Though I may do that last one myself.

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