Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

So Much to-do are to-done

Morning, threw all the crap off of the left-hand bathroom sink counter into one of the cabinets. Transferred all my morning routine stuff from the right sink to the left sink. Backstory - the lights above the right sink don't work. Shifted the space heater to the right side, nearer the shower.

Took down the unsprung livingroom shades and replaced them with new ones. Now I have shades which can be pulled all the way down or all the way up. 

Printed out the RMA labels for the defective webcam and put those and the cam into the trunk of the car. Moved the car way up so the rear door was easily accessed.

Bullet biting time: Sorted all the boxes into piles on the kitchen floor (they had been against the wall, across the floor, etc.). One wardrobe, piles of dishpack, medium, glasspack, small. Carried the file boxes from the floor in the office to the laundry room.

Took about an hour and part of my left knee to load all the kitchen boxes largest-first onto the rear seat. Tossed the file boxes into the trunk. All of this closing the house door behind me with each armload, because Domino wanted out.

Took a short break to watch a wee bit of the Army-Navy game.

Drove to the recycle center, spent 20 minutes unloading the boxes into a couple of big recycle dumpsters.

Next stop, Petco, got a case of Fancy Feast. Took a peek into the (closed) Humane Society branch, no sign of Kaan, I'm sure he was adopted quickly. In the same center is my CU, deposited a refund check from the movers. Stopped in at Great Clips, then Safeway for a can of Rot Guard.

Looked for drawers at Pep Boys, but they didn't have what I was looking for.

Off to Target, found the drawers I was looking for, and changed check-out lines 4 times before finding one with only 2 people ahead of me with only moderate amounts of purchases. Still took 15 minutes. I messaged Janice I would be late for our 3:30.

I was about 7 minutes late, thanks to Target being on a 45mph road a straight shot to the freeway. We caught up as usual, the last time this year because she has Commitments™. Her alarm clock was an Asian woman who joined us for just enough time to say hi, as they went off to a party. Very special, because Janice makes it a point to not introduce me to her single female friends if she can help it.

Home, noticed the white board was crooked, fixed that. Moved my calendar to the kitchen. Took down the ugly brown kitchen curtains and replaced them with white ones with blue trim. Much nicer.

Watched some high school championship football while having calamari rings, fish sticks and mixed veggies for dinner.

Repositioned the lime tree so it didn't block the webcam.

Spent way too much time troubleshooting the 4 internet radios. I think Logitech's server was down this morning, but I also wasn't seeing local wi-fi connections. Things came up when I rebooted the router.

Popped about 200 air-filled shipping filler cells from both my sister and Amazon, and flattened those boxes.

Installed a curtain rod and hung a curtain in the guest bedroom, also moved the toilet maintenance gear from the livingroom there. Master bedroom already has its set.

Domino still yowls if she loses track of where I am. Very annoying.

On the bright side, she has found several places to curl up.

 And she sits on my lap, the arm of the recliner, the top of the recliner more than ever.

My final project for the day was hanging the Star Trek transporter. Found a good place for it by the front door.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in (again)
Fold and put away T-shirts
Set up the electronic keyboard on its stand in the office
Play it by ear. Maybe see a movie. Maybe watch football
Tags: garbage, moving, recycling, shopping

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