Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lethargy Is Its Own Reward

Tried very hard to sleep in, but only managed 9:05.

Most of the day the TV was on with football games, which I watched on and off in between unpacking.

Today's project just kind of happened, because the medium sized boxes in the bedroom were getting in the way. They are now all unpacked, but first I had to re-position some of the closet shelves because the previous owner had set them so close together that maybe 4 T-shirts could fit. By the end of the project, I had not only filled all the closet shelves, but also most of the rack in the 3rd bedroom (mostly linens and beach towels went there).

Found a place in the office to hold the ceremonial bota bag, and to hang the MZig photo of me polka-ing in a 1973 production of Camelot. Youngest sister got it mounted and framed for my last birthday or maybe housewarming. MZig is Michael Ziegler, ace photographer who worked with me on The Daily Astorian back when I did layout and photojournalism for a living.

Velcroed another under-the-counter lamp in the kitchen.

Lunch was a Healthy Choice steamer bowl. So far I haven't like any of them very much, but this one was mostly broccoli so gag me. 

For dinner I reheated the second T-day drumstick, dressing (it's not stuffing, apparently, unless you actually stuff something with it), and mixed veggies. Yummy, Domino thought so too. She spent a lot of the day curled up in the little round cat bed by the recliner.

Took advantage of having a house with a driveway and a hose, and did the very mundane but necessary chore of taking the kitchen garbage can outside and spraying the insides until it was mostly clean. Also had to rearrange the garbage so it fit into the rolling can. I really miss having a dumpster handy, but I don't miss not knowing if there will be room in the dumpster.

Part of the unpacking means there are 5 more boxes to recycle. That will have to wait till next weekend, unless I decide to go at 8 am. 

In other news, Peter O'Toole has passed away. While I am never happy to hear of someone's death, the accolades pouring out for him far exceed my regard for him. He completely ruined La Mancha, and while Lawrence was an epic film I didn't see him as an epic actor. YMMV.

Plans for tomorrow:
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